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Editor's Choice CPI's CUBE-iT Plus Wall-Mount Cabinet Receives OSHPD OPM Certification Chatsworth Products' (CPI) Cube-iT Plus Wall-Mount Cabinet System, used to store and protect equipment in telecommunications rooms or public spaces, recently received the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) Pre-Approval of Manufacturer's Certification (OPM). In the state of California, OSHPD evaluates and approves construction designs. OSHPD OPM is the preapproval process that allows manufacturers to submit analysis or test data prepared by a registered design professional to support design requirements of the code. CPI's Cube-iT Plus wall-mount cabinet received OSHPD OPM-0196-13, which means it fulfills the requirements of the latest California and International Building Codes. As a pre-approved design, the OSHPD OPM can be incorporated into construction documents, making the design and approval process quicker and easier. With strength and rigidity, the Cube-iT Plus wall-mount cabinet supports up to 200 lbs. (90.7 kg), and the swing-out cabinet body enables easy access to the rear of installed equipment. Vented side panels increase airflow, and two front door styles are available (solid metal and plexiglass.) Other features include adjustable 19 inch EIA threaded equipment mounting rails, pre-punched rear panel with knockouts for conduit and rounded corners and edges on front door to improve safety. Cradle Releases SC/Tetra, scSTREAM and HeatDesigner Version 12 (V12) CFD Software Software Cradle has released the newest version of SC/Tetra (general purpose unstructured mesh), scSTREAM (general purpose Cartesian mesh), and HeatDesigner (Cartesian mesh for electronics). SC/Tetra is general purpose, unstructured grid CFD software used when accurate geometrical representation is critical to the design solution. SC/Tetra V12 features a single pitch shape extraction for centrifugal pumps that reduces calculation time and cost. An optional Smart Blades tool can parametrically create, solve and post-process axial fan designs, including automated parametric studies. Additionally, shape optimization using the Adjoint Method that can be used to optimize geometrical shape to minimize or maximize force, e.g. determining the optimized aerodynamic shape to minimize drag force. HeatPathView visually displays energy flows and heat balances in a thermal system. scSTREAM is general purpose, structured grid CFD software used when exact geometry details do not strongly influence the overall flow field. HeatDesigner is specially designed structure grid CFD software for electronics cooling. New V12 features for scSTREAM/HeatDesigner include expanded capabilities for the cut cell function that slices off portions of Cartesian elements to more accurately simulate non-Cartesian geometries. One of the new capabilities in V12 enable improved prediction of flow separation. Another enables cut cell to be used with multiblock. Additional features include enhanced radiation capabilities to accommodate diffuse transmittance, improved particle tracking including particle adhesion to moving objects, conversion to condensate, and particle tracking in a multiblock mesh. scSTREAM/HeatDesigner also supports Unicode that eliminates garbled text no matter what language setting is used. 4 Fall 2015 * www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com Volume 13, Issue 3 Editor & Publisher, David Webster Director of Content Nick Depperschmidt Senior Editor, Shannon Given Associate Editor, Heather Williams Manager of Administration & Customer Service, Marsha Grillo Fulfillment Services & Circulation Marc Vang, Ross Webster Advertising & Sales Robert Schaudt, Sue Hannebrink, Scott Webster Production Carmen Abraham, Production Manager CJ Brewer, Webmaster ELECTRONICS PROTECTION (ISSN #1544-7812) is a publication of Webcom Communications Corp. 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Electronics Protection - Fall 2015
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Electronics Protection - Fall 2015