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Hardware PEM Floating Self-Clinching Nuts Enable Easier Mating-Hole Alignment PEM floating self-clinching nuts for stainless steel assemblies enable easier mating-hole alignment to promote design flexibility in relaxed tolerance applications. These fasteners from PennEngineering can be specified either with nonlocking or self-locking threads and will permit up to 0.015 inch/0.38 mm minimum float in all directions from center. This family of fasteners includes non-locking Type A4 nuts (with free running load-bearing threads) and self-locking Type LA4 nuts (with prevailing torque locking threads). They will install and perform reliably in stainless sheets as thin as 0.038 inch/0.97mm and greater with hardness of HRB 88 or less on the Rockwell "B" scale. Available thread sizes for both types range from #4-40 through #10-32 and M3 through M5. The nuts install quickly by squeezing them into properly sized holes using a PEMSERTER press or other standard equipment to develop sufficient force. The fasteners then clinch permanently into place with the side opposite the fastener remaining flush. Ultimately, they become an integral part of a stainless assembly, provide re-usable load-bearing threads to accept mating hardware, and exhibit high torque-out and pushout resistances in service. Southco Expands Electronic Rotary Latching Line Southco, Inc. has expanded its line of electronic rotary latching solutions with the release of the R4-EM 8 series Electronic Rotary Latch. The R4-EM 8 series combines the efficient and robust performance of a rotary latch mechanism with simplified DC motor actuation. The R4-EM 8 series is available with or without an extended housing option to accommodate door sensing and to provide added protection of the locking cam. Additionally, the R4-EM 8 series is available with an integrated connector and mechanical override bracket, and features simple, concealed two-hole installation. With a high working load and ultimate load, the R4-EM 8 Series ensures reliable, secure operation across a variety of applications. Hirose Develops I/O Connector for Cable and Docking Station Applications Hirose offers an I/O connector that combines small size and light weight with high reliability and long operating life. The compact 3800 series I/O connector is designed for cable and docking station applications within consumer, industrial, medical and point-of-sale (POS) markets. A reliable contact structure provides stable contact resistance and eliminates contact stubbing, even with 20,000 mating cycles. The spring contact structure also prevents contact buckling and reduces contact shaving. The 18-position 3800 series I/O connector 26 Spring 2015 * www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com utilizes a sequential mating system that when connected, establishes a ground system first to protect vital internal electronics from a potential surges. A pushbutton locking system with tactile click ensures that the mating process is properly completed. Protecting against rough mechanical operation, the 3800 series I/O connector features a thick metal shell that covers the contact housing. The metal shell also provides EMI protection. Designed to simplify assembly, the 3800 series connector has a one-piece, molded plastic hood for easy attachment. The plug assembly eliminates the need for overmolding, reducing assembly time and cost. The I/O plug is available in a cable mount or as a vertical PCB version, well suited for cradle applications. The cradle version features a staggered PCB layout that allows for easy solder joint inspection. The 3800 series I/O connector has a rated current of 1.5 Amps for contacts 1 and 18, and 0.5 Amps for contacts 2 to 17. With an operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C, the 3800 series connector has a rated voltage of 125 V AC. Anderson Power Products Offers 3 and 5 Position Mini PL SPEC Pak Connector Anderson Power Products (APP) Mini PL SPEC Pak is a series of compact, environmentally sealed connectors. Mini PL SPEC Pak connectors are touch safe on both sides and feature a latching shell. Power handling capabilities up to 23 amps and 600 volts AC/ DC per pole allow more power in a smaller waterproof (IP68) shell than competing solutions. Available in both three and five pole configurations, Mini PL SPEC Pak can be used in wire to wire and wire to panel applications accommodate up to 12 awg (2.5 mm²) wires while maintaining the compact size. Gold plated contacts down to 24 awg (0.25 mm²) are suitable for power or signal needs. Optional sequencing capabilities are available for design flexibility. Pentair Introduces ATCA Products to the Standard Portfolio Pentair has introduced the next-generation Shelf Manager ACB-VI from its Schroff brand. The Shelf Manager ACB-VI includes the shMM 700 module from Pigeon Point Systems, delivering improved security, higher availability and more robust design. The Shelf Manager ACB-VI supports the latest Linux kernel and offers improved security features and extended software functionality. Additional enhancements include the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) implementation, which has been upgraded by simplifying radial IPMI via a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). The IPMB-0 segments are also logically isolated for each slot and five independent I2Cs improve the reliability of I2C communication on the Shelf Manager and to FRUs. Pentair is also growing its 450/40 family of ATCA chassis with the addition of front-to-rear airflow cooling versions currently available with 2-slot and with future plans to introduce a 6-slot version. These high-end chassis cool 450 W per slot with a 10°C rise at 55°C ambient. With the addition of a 1U air plenum and http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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