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Thermal Honeywell Releases the PTM6000 Thermal Management Material Honeywell Electronic Materials has released the PTM6000 Phase Change Material (PCM). PTM6000 is the latest in Honeywell's line of Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) which are used to transfer and dissipate heat from advanced semiconductor devices. "More and more, device manufacturers need thermal management materials that provide high-end performance and long lasting reliability," said Olivier Biebuyck, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Electronic Materials. "Prior thermal management options often forced manufacturers to choose between immediate performance needs and overall reliability. PTM6000 has been designed and tested to meet both of these needs." TIMs technology from Honeywell transfers thermal energy from the chip to the heat sink or spreader, where it is dissipated into the surrounding environment. This functionality keeps the chip cool while allowing the heat sink module to perform optimally. Honeywell's proprietary and patented formulations provide long-lasting chemical and mechanical stability, enabling consistently higher thermal performance compared with alternative thermal interface materials that break down or dry out. The performance and reliability of PTM6000 has been proven through the industry's most widely accepted accelerated aging tests including extended baking at 150°C (more than 300°F) for 3,000 hours; thermal cycling from -55°C to 125°C (-67°F to 257°F); and the Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST). Honeywell PTM6000 passes these tests while meeting aggressive thermal needs such as thin bond line capability, low thermal impedance (<0.16°C cm2/W @ 2mil) and long-term reliability. Orion Fans Maximizes Airflow, Minimizes Noise with 70 mm Fan Package Orion Fans has developed a series of 70 mm tubeaxial DC fans that deliver high airflows ranging from 19 CFM up to 60 CFM with low noise levels of 49.5 dB down to 29.0 dB. The new OD70 family of 70 mm fans maximizes performance in a wide range of enclosure applications. Nine different fan models are available as standard products in three popular package sizes, 70 mm by 15 mm (OD7015), 70 mm by 20 mm (OD7020) and 70 mm by 25 mm (OD7025). The OD70 family is offered in 12 VDC and 24 VDC versions, can be built in alternate speeds, and can be ordered with optional IP55 protection and special functions including thermal control, alarm, tachometer and pulse-width modulation (PWM). The OD70 series has a UL94V-0 plastic frame and impeller that is designed for a long operational life of 70,000 hours at 40°C and features a polarity protected brushless DC motor with auto restart and a dual ball bearing design. The DC fan series also has a wide operating temperature range of -10°C to 70°C. APEX Cooling Technology Offers High Efficiency and Low Maintenance Technical Systems (TSI) a division of RAE Corp. has released of the Adiabatic Precooling Evaporative X-change (APEX) cooling technology. APEX combines evaporative cooling technology with the simplicity of air cooling to deliver low-maintenance, highly efficient cooling systems. While evaporative cooling is more efficient than air cooling in hot temperatures, it is associated with high water usage and treatment costs. APEX technology maximizes efficiency by only utilizing evaporative cooling technology when ambient air temperatures are high enough to render air cooling inefficient. During all other times, pre-cooling with evaporative technology is not needed and the water supply can be shut off. The innovative APEX design therefore reduces operating costs by optimizing water usage and requiring far less maintenance than competing systems. APEX technology improves cooling system efficiency by as much as 30 to 40 percent, and requires less space than traditional cooling options. The APEX-based systems are able to run dry for as much as 85 percent of the year in most climates, allowing them to use up to 90 percent less water than other systems. In addition, the installation of APEX technology is eligible for energy rebates in many cases due to their high energy efficiency. APEX-based systems are available with a range of optional features to further improve efficiency and reduce maintenance needs, including: a microprocessor to control the unit's functions; acoustical packages to meet customer sound requirements; water makeup and drain controls; and more. The systems have a smaller footprint than many other cooling options on the market, making them easy to install in existing buildings. 18 Winter 2016 * www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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