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Power Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Expands the AlphaDFN Portfolio with Its Lowest On-Resistance Battery Protection Device Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited (AOS) has released the AOC3864, a commondrain 20 V dual n-channel MOSFET with an ultra-low on-resistance of 5.7 mOhms at 4.5 V. This device offers an approach in designing battery protection circuit modules, while providing a strong and reliable solution. It's designed with a standardized pin-out layout of CSP products with the added superior mechanical robustness of AOS's patented AlphaDFN packaging technology. The growing demand on more data processing capabilities and longer operating time of current smart phones is driving the lithium battery toward another stage of higher capacity. At the same time, innovation in battery cell and charging technology is allowing higher charging current to power-up batteries much faster. As an essential device for battery safety design, MOSFETs with ultra-low on-resistance and small form factors are in high demand by smart phone designers. Using AOS's latest silicon technology, the AOC3864 is able to achieve a 5.7 mOhm at 4.5 V maximum source-to-source resistance within a 2.7 mm by 1.8 mm by 0.19 mm package. All while providing a robust structure to solve die chipping, cracking and placement issues associated with standard CSP products. Schurter Extends Range of Compant SMD Fuses to 12.5 A and 16 A Schurter has expanded the rated current range of its UMT-H Universal Modular fuse, to 12.5 A and 16 A. With its square, compact design of 5.3 mm by 16 mm, the UMT-H is the space-saving alternative to classic cylindrically shaped cartridge fuses (e.g.5 by 20 mm) and is well suited for automated assembly. The smaller footprint saves valuable board space, allowing for further downsizing of equipment. This time-lag fuse provides overcurrent and short circuit protection for widespread applications in both electronic and industrial equipment and controls. The UMT-H fuse is now available in 21 rated currents from 160 mA through 16 A at voltages up to 277 VAC and 250 VDC. The 1,500 A high breaking capacity fuse meets the IEC 60127-7/1, UL 248-14 and CSA C22.2 standards and is unique in its class for having obtained both VDE and UL approvals. Popular applications include power supplies, communication applications as well as 277 VAC lighting applications. Furthermore, the UMT-H's high breaking capacity of 1,500 A, plus the >10 mm spacing between end caps, combined with the ability to be impermeable HiTec Power Protection Introduces Efficient Power Solution HITEC Power Protection has announced the availability of its Power PRO series. The UPS power solution now becomes the most efficient option available for mission-critical facilities, offering a 20 percent energy consumption improvement equating to the greatest reliability and uptime available. "This is a major breakthrough for continuous power solutions and the natural technology choice for critical loads exceeding 1.5 MVA," said Ranjan Misra, president of HITEC Power Protection, North America. "We have incorporated 60 years of UPS experience into designing the Power PRO series, our best ever continuous power solution." The HITEC Power PRO series delivers the lowest possible TCO and ensures the highest quality of uninterruptible continuous power for mission-critical applications; it is the new standard for Continuous Power. Additionally, the new UPS solution offers an A 17 percent reduction in footprint in an innovative battery-free design that increases reliability, saves space, and minimizes environmental impact. The unit also features added communication for unrivalled connectivity, system monitoring and reporting to meet the demand for customer support. 1,250 W Converters and Battery Chargers for Extreme Environmental Conditions Schaefer, Inc. has introduced the C3700 series of 1,250 Watt DC-DC and AC-DC converter modules and battery charger. Utilizing industrial grade components, the compact and robust 6U design provides an efficient, space-saving solution for extreme environments. The C3700 series delivers up to 1,250 W of power and offers nine standard DC input voltage ranges from 18 VDC up to 640 VDC. AC input options are single-phase 1,15 VAC or 230 VAC (with or without PFC) or three-phase inputs of three by 200, three by 400 and three by 480 VAC. Single outputs are available in twelve standard ranges encompassing 5 VDC to 400 VDC. All outputs are adjustable and fully regulated to 0.2 percent or better (load) and 0.1 percent (line). The C3700 series has comprehensive protection circuitry and efficiencies are up to 95 percent. Featuring natural convection cooling and a standard operating temperature range of -20°C to 75°C (derate 2.5/°C from 55°C), 22 Winter 2016 * www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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Electronics Protection - Winter 2015
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