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Enclosures The high levels of insulation of Intertec's shelters can substantially reduce the total cooling power required compared with insulated steel shelters, and provide highly stable operating environments for sensitive equipment such as analyzers. Intertec's composite GRP sandwich panels include thick polyurethane insulation layers, which are bonded inside GRP sheets. This style of fabrication and assembly eliminates the 'thermal short cuts' between shelter interior and exterior that can result from the fixings that are often used with traditional insulated metal constructions. Such conductive points often account for the majority of thermal losses: around 75 percent or more of the shelter totals in many instances. Intertec's multi-function composite material also ensures that the internal walls are smooth and stable, making it simple to mount the equipment. Advantech Launches Short-Depth 2U Rackmount Industrial Chassis Advantech has launched the ACP-2020, a short-depth (398 mm), 2U rackmount industrial chassis designed for factory automation or equipment building applications with space limitations. Advantech's ACP-2020 is designed to fulfill many market requirements with its 398 mm shallow depth yet still with a capability for expansion with dual hot-swappable disk modules and 500 W redundant power supply. Moreover, the ACP-2020 is equipped with an intelligent system module enabling self-diagnostics and remote monitoring of power, temperature and fan speed status. The ACP-2020 supports ATX/uATX form factor motherboards such as Advantech's AIMB-7/5 series and ASMB-7/5 series. The ACP-2020 supports two internal 2.5 inch hard drive spaces, two external 2.5 inch hard drive spaces, and an optional dual SATA hot-swap module that can be used externally. Power comes from a 350 W single power supply or 500 W redundant power supply. For those end users who have severe space limitations in equipment integration and still require systems that can deliver higher levels of computing power, high wattage output, and RAID configurations, the ACP-2020 is the best chassis product solution of all. The shallow depth chassis leaves more space internally with careful cable arrangements for better air flow. With a total of four 2.5 inch disk drive spaces which two of them can be converted into SATA hot-swap devices, provide the system with enough drive storage space for a RAID configuration. The 500 W redundant power supply allows usage of high performance CPUs and add-on cards such as graphics or frame grabber cards. An Intelligent embedded system module provides end users with remote monitoring of system health which can reduce the frequency of costly on-site maintenance. OKW MINITEC EM Enclosures Now Offer USB Solutions OKW has extended its MINITEC handheld enclosures range with new higher intermediate rings that can accommodate USB and micro USB connectors. MINITEC is well suited for remote control systems, data recording, medical electronics, emergency systems, monitoring and alarms. MINITEC already offers a huge range of standard permutations due to its construction format. Each case features a top section, bottom section and an intermediate ring. This reduces the need for customization. Now eight higher intermediate rings are available for medium-sized MINITEC E (Edge) enclosures, increasing their capacity. Two of them feature slots for USB (Type A) and micro USB (5 P B Type SMT) connectors. All eight new higher intermediate rings have loops that enable MINITEC to be suspended from a lanyard or key ring. They are designed to fit MINITEC EM (IP 41) cases (2.68 by 1.65 by 0.71/0.95 inches) and are molded from soft touch SEBS (TPE) for tactile comfort. The six slotless rings are available as standard in lava gray, orange, green, blue, off white and volcano gray. The other two slotted rings for USB and micro USB applications are volcano gray. www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com * Fall 2016 23 http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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Electronics Protection - Fall 2016
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