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CamdenBoss Launches Active DIN Rail Enclosures

CamdenBoss has launched an innovative range of DIN Rail enclosures enabling quick and
easy contact with a powered "active" track within the DIN Rail. Multiple enclosures from
the company's CNMB, CDIB and CVB-Plus ranges can be used in conjunction with the new
active power track, connecting via specially developed 5mm pitch terminal blocks. Terminal blocks are available for both horizontal or vertical mounting PCB options within the
standard CamdenBoss DIN Rail enclosures.
Active tracks feature five bus lines manufactured from tin and nickel plated copper within
a black PVC extrusion. Each power line is rated up to 63V at 5A. Five lines allows the
customer to use power or data bus bars as their system requires. This allows implementation of many protocols including RS232, RS485, 12C etc. The active DIN system allows
enclosures to be removed and refitted quickly and easily without affecting other units on
the rail.
Exposed parts of the active power track can be protected using plastic covers that are easily cut to length with scissors or craft knife. End caps provide further protection and a neat aesthetic finish.

Beckhoff Unveils New CPX Series Control Panels for Use in Hazardous Areas
By systematically integrating advanced multi-touch technologies into its Control Panel and
Panel PC portfolio, Beckhoff has provided machine builders, manufacturers and numerous industries with forward-looking operator interface concepts for years. With the company's new
CPX Control Panel and Panel PC series, applications in hazardous areas, classified Zone 2/22,
can now also benefit.
High build quality and robust aluminum enclosures ensure reliability and durability in harsh
and potentially explosive environmental conditions. This delivers significant advantages in
terms of operation, look and feel, and design to applications in the process industries. The
CPX portfolio offers a wide selection of screen formats, sizes, installation options and features. The range of formats includes 15 inch (4:3), 19 inch (5:4), and 21.5 inch (16:9 widescreen) versions. This means that process industry applications can now also benefit from
advanced capacitive multi-touch technology, enabling the realization of intuitive and featurefilled operating concepts.
To ensure that all application requirements are fulfilled, both the CPX29xx and CPX39xx series offer Control Panels
for integration into control cabinets, as well as IP 65-rated standalone panels for mounting-arm installation. The
same applies for the fanless Panel PCs in the CPX27xx and CPX37xx series. Equipped with heat-resistant, energy-saving Intel Atom processors, they ensure reliable and high-performance system control in harsh environments.

OKW's New Flat/High RAILTEC B DIN Rail Enclosures

OKW has unveiled flat/high RAILTEC B DIN rail enclosures that accommodate connections at different levels and offer extra space. RAILTEC B is a universal DIN rail enclosure that meets machine-building and motor industry regulations. It can be mounted on TH35 DIN rails or directly on walls for applications including control equipment, notably
lighting systems.
Various versions are available, with or without ventilation, for PCB terminal blocks; plug headers; front connectors
(closed case) and D-SUB connectors. Open case enclosures enable the fitting of different combinations of terminal
guards. The flat/high variant is available in two, four, six and nine modules (pitches 5.0/5.08 mm) - offering sizes
from 1.38 by 3.39 by 2.28 inches to 6.18 by 3.39 by 2.32 inches.
RAILTEC B is fully insulated and protected to VBG 4. It is molded from light gray (RAL 7035) polycarbonate (PC, UL
94 V-0) as standard. Accessories include a bus system for enclosures that share common power and data connections; wall suspension elements; terminal blocks; plug headers; self tapping screws (0.098 by 0.236 inches PZ1) and
transparent lids.
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