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VariMount Fastening System Enables Use of Self-Clinching Fasteners
For Various Attachment Applications

The PEM VariMount fastening system from PennEngineering enables the use of PEM
self-clinching fasteners for attachment applications in composites, plastics, metal,
and any rigid material or panel. The system integrates a self-clinching nut, stud, or
standoff pre-installed permanently into a steel or stainless steel base plate. The base
plate with multiple radial holes effectively becomes a mounting platform, which can
be bonded or mechanically attached to virtually any rigid material. Once mounted,
the pre-installed PEM self-clinching fastener ultimately is positioned where designed
to accept mating hardware.
A variety of standard PEM self-clinching fasteners can be specified for installation into the base plate. These include
steel and stainless steel nuts, steel blind nuts, steel standoffs, and steel and stainless steel threaded studs in a range
of metric and unified thread sizes and lengths. Custom designs to meet specific needs also can be provided. As an
option, base plates can be supplied with or without a pre-installed self-clinching fastener.
Among value-added system features, the assembly can be mounted using a variety of methods, including mold-in,
laminate with composite layers, adhesives, standard fasteners or rivets, or spot welding. When mounting the assembly with hardware, the radial holes easily accommodate, since they are specifically sized to accept universally standard diameters of rivets, self-clinching fasteners, and loose hardware such as nuts, bolts, and screws.

Cable Splitter from Southco Provides Flexibility of Actuation Points

Southco, Inc. has added a cable splitter accessory to its successful line of Rotary Latch solutions, which allows multiple connected rotary latches to be triggered from a single actuation point. The AC Cable Splitter features built in
adjustability and timed release, allowing greater flexibility in the design and integration of rotary latch systems into
applications where remote latching is required.
Southco's AC Cable Splitter provides flexibility of the actuation point, allowing two connected rotary latches to be
activated by one actuator, or one rotary latch to be activated by two actuators. Additionally, the Cable Splitter provides timed release, allowing one connected rotary latch to be triggered before another, or both rotary latches to be
released at the same time. This is useful in entry door applications, for example, where the end user would need to
open both doors on opposite sides of the vehicle at the same time, in addition to accessing either door from one side.
With its compact design, Southco's AC Cable Splitter occupies minimal space within the enclosure. Constructed of
corrosion-resistant plastic, with a protective cover, the AC Cable Splitter is well suited for a broad range of challenging application environments. The AC Cable Splitter can be combined with Southco's line of mechanical and electronic actuators, rotary latches and jacketed cables for a complete rotary latching system.

Cope Announces New Wire-Basket Quick-Latch

Cope has released the new Wire-Basket Quick-Latch, designed to reduce labor
in the field. Though the typical Cope Wire Basket design comes with a preattached splice plate, multiple field cuts or manufacturing fittings can leave
perfectly usable pieces of Wire Basket without any splice bar. Using the QuickLatch is a great way to utilize these pieces and eliminate cost, labor, and time
when splicing these parts together.
Technicians must first ensure each end is cleaned of burrs, then place two wire baskets up against each other. They
can then slide the Quick-Latch on one end and with the use of a pair of pliers, crimp down the hooks. No additional
hardware or tools are required on the job site, and the Quick-Latch's one-size-fits-all design reduces confusion and
the need for additional parts. Sold individually, the Quick-Latch is most often used in sets of two.
The Quick-Latch is UL approved as a grounding path with use of the CAT-GCs on either side of the splice, if the cable
tray is being used as an EGC. Though applicable to any wire basket application, the Quick-Latch is particularly useful
in data centers and rooftop applications.
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