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By frank truetsCH, produCt Marketing Manager • VaCuuMsCHMeLze FEATURE ARTICLE Extending the Possibilities of Iron In the past few years, innovative soft magnetic materials achieved a particular interest in electrical engineering and electronics and have led to various developments of special alloys. Vacuumschmelze GmbH & Co. KG (VAC) manufactures high grade soft magnetic materials and inductive component products for a wide variety of applications. The range of applications cover installation equipment, renewable energy and modern consumer products. They are often not visible from the outside, but fulfill important functions as for protection of equipment and persons, exact billing, low loss energy transmission or to provide interference-free operation of electronic devices. VAC is a manufacturer of modern magnetic alloys, cores and inductive components. The product range covers power and signal transformers, high precision current transformers, active and passive current sensors, inductors for power supplies and a wide range of EMC products. line CMC’s can be used to decrease the overall system weight as they can achieve the same attenuation performance as ferrite components in much smaller package sizes. By utilizing low-cost raw materials (Fe-based) and modern, large-scale production, Vitroperm is a suitable solution for a wide range of applications. Key areas of applications are switchedmode power supplies, uninterruptable power supplies, welding equipment, inverters for solar, wind and electric and hybrid ve- A Bunting Magnetics Company Figure 1. Broadband Attenuation Nanocrystalline cores are widely used in common mode choke (CMC) applications due to their unique combination of properties. They feature a high attenuation at low frequencies and improved EMC properties in the high frequency range. The broadband attenuation and improved thermal properties achieve benefits in EMI filter design and an improved reliability compared to ferrite designs. In many cases, this characteristic can allow a reduction of the number of filter stages in multistage EMC filter configurations to reduce complexity, cost and filter volume. Ohmic (copper) losses are also reduced increasing the efficiency and lowering component temperature. Nanocrystalline CMC’s are more robust than ferrite products as they do not chip and crack and thus can be utilized in high shock and vibration environments. For automotive and aviation applications where component weight is a critical factor, Why go offshore when our wide range of capabilities makes Magnet Applications the ideal choice for the design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing of magnetic assemblies? • Injection and Compression Bonded Magnets • Injection Molded Plastic Materials • Machining and Metalwork • Design, Modeling and Prototyping of Assemblies • Fabrication of Any Quantity, Short or Long Run Whether you need a single assembly, a short run of assemblies, or a source for mass- market quantities, let Magnet Applications be your Total Magnetic Solution. Sales and Customer Support Center 375 Horsham Road, Suite 200 • Horsham, PA 19044 • USA Toll Free: +1 (800) 437-8890• Fax: +1 (215) 441-7734 • E-mail: Summer 2011 • Magnetics Business & Technology 13

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