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MAGNETS • MATERIALS • MEASUREMENT Bruker Expands Ascend NMR Magnet Series Bruker has expanded its Ascend series of high performance and compact NMR magnets, now covering a range from 400 MHz to 850 MHz. The Ascend magnet product line builds on Bruker’s UltraShield Plus magnets, with innovations for improved performance and convenience. Ascend magnets feature advanced superconductors and proprietary magnet technology, which together enable the design of smaller, lighter magnet coils, resulting in a reduction in physical size, weight, magnetic stray field, drift and cryogen consumption. Ascend magnets are therefore even easier to site, even safer to run and less expensive to operate. Bruker’s External Disturbance Suppression (EDS) technology provides suppression of external magnetic field disturbances, making Ascend magnets well suited for challenging urban environments and space-restricted laboratories. In addition, Bruker’s proprietary superconducting joint technology yields improved drift behavior with now 10 parts per billion (ppb) drift per hour. The previous generation of magnets had 50 percent higher drift specifications. These new low drift rates translate into improved magnetic field stability, which is very important for demanding NMR experiments. With their reduced physical size and weight, the Ascend magnets make important contributions to environmental sustainability and reduce operational costs due significant reductions in Ascend Helium consumption of up to 50 percent, compared to previous generations of Bruker magnets. Ascend magnets are compatible with new and recent Bruker NMR probes, spectrometers, automation technology and software, for integrated high performance NMR systems used in structural biology, small molecule and materials research applications. Access for submitting NMR samples has just become much easier, using the optional new SampleCase, the first NMR automation solution that provides easy, safe and convenient sample insertion at user height, and is wheel-chair accessible. For over 30 yrs experience in machining ferrite, neodymium, sumarian cobalt and other exotic materials for industries that include Aerospace, Medical, Communications, Automotive and Defense. Whether your job is production or prototype our lead times and prices are unmatched in the industry. We have maintained a reputation as a reliable company that strives for high quality precision, and perfection. We are capable of holding tolerances as tight as .00005 if required Quality Magnetics Lee Emanuel 1954 Gladwick St. Compton, CA 90220 310-632-1941 310-632-1408 fax Magnetic Separator Program Eriez Aftermarket Model PM Rare Earth (RE) Drawer Magnets are now a part of the company’s ProGrade line of Magnetic Separators. Like all ProGrade products, these aftermarket drawer magnets are available for quick shipment. Eriez’ PM RE magnets are up to three times stronger than competitive RE magnets and 50 times stronger than many ceramic magnets. Eriez aftermarket PM RE drawer magnets, available in four sizes, are installed in less than five minutes and can even be used with mild steel housings because of their unique guide-rod design. Other advantages include close tube spacing for more effective ferrous removal and their ability to handle resin temperatures up to 250°F, while improving separation performance and helping to keep equipment running smoothly. Adhesive backed gaskets are included for installation on the door or housing. Eriez aftermarket PM RE drawer magnets capture and hold fine and weakly magnetic particles, preventing plugged valve gates, machine damage and equipment downtime. The Eriez ProGrade line includes high quality, low cost standard magnetic plates, grates, traps and tubes that are in stock and available for immediate shipment. ProGrade series professional grade magnets are available at three different degrees of magnetic strength, enabling professionals in diverse industries to choose the ideal level of protection for their specific application. Eriez offers ProGrade Ceramic series, ProGrade Rare Earth series and ProGrade Xtreme series. Eriez Aftermarket PM RE Drawer Magnets Now Available Through ProGrade 18 Magnetics Business & Technology • Summer 2011

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