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MAGNETS • MATERIALS • MEASUREMENT New Customer Programmable Linear Hall-Effect Sensor IC the Hall element. Hall element offset is normally caused by device over molding, temperature dependencies and thermal stress. The high-frequency offset cancellation (chopping) clock allows for a greater sampling rate, which increases the accuracy of the output signal and results in faster signal processing capability. The A1357 sensor IC is targeted at the automotive and industrial markets and is provided in a lead (Pb) free, 3-pin, single inline package (KB suffix), with 100 percent matte tin leadframe plating. It is priced at $1.50 in quantities of 1,000. Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. has introduced a new linear Halleffect sensor IC with an ambient temperature range of 40°C to 150°C. Allegro’s A1357 device is a high precision, customer programmable, Halleffect linear IC with a pulse width modulated (PWM), current sourced (2-wire) output. The duty cycle (DC) of the PWM output signal (freq: 1 kHz) is proportional to an applied magnetic field. The device converts an analog signal from its internal Hall sensor element to a digitally encoded PWM output signal. The coupled noise immunity of the digitally encoded PWM output is improved compared to the noise immunity of an analog output signal. The BiCMOS, monolithic circuit inside of the A1357 integrates a Hall element, precision temperature-compensating circuitry to reduce the intrinsic sensitivity and offset drift of the Hall element, a small-signal high-gain amplifier, proprietary dynamic offset cancellation circuits and PWM conversion circuitry. The dynamic offset cancellation circuits reduce the residual offset voltage of New 4 to 20 mA Output Hall Effect Precision Sensors Now Available API Technologies Corp. (API) has released a new output option for its Spectrum Sensors line of H009 Hall Effect Position Sensors. The 4 to 20 mA output option joins the existing H009 series with Analog, PWR and Serial output options. Hall Effect Position Sensors convert relative changes in a magnetic field into an electrical signal to provide position change information. MMM continues on pAge 14 Magnetic measurement Go where no one has gone before! Choose the world’s most compact 3-axis Hall magnetometer and get highaccuracy measurements of previously inaccessible magnetic fields! The latest addition to the family, the THM1176 High Field Compact model, has a probe thinner than a climber’s fingernail. The THM1176 Low Field model, on the other hand, is ideal for measuring disturbances involving weak magnetic fields. All models include a USB interface, standard communication protocols, a full-featured instrument command set, turnkey operation on PC or Mac, and easy programmability Pantone 286 Pantone 032LabVIEW. via The 3-axis Hall Magnetometer TMH1176 family High Field model Low Field model High Field Compact model Magnetic precision has a name annonce187x121.indd 2 26/07/10 15:11 Spring 2012 • Magnetics Business & Technology 11

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