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APPLICATION • COMPONENT DEVELOPMENTS Innovative Electromagnetic Design Tool Provides tions can take as little as a few seconds, the integrated software makes it feasible to thoroughly explore the design space. ThouShort Route to Motor Perfection Optimal design solutions to rotating electrical machine requirements can now be created in hours, by non specialists, using a new version of design automation software from Cobham Technical Services. Cobham’s Machines Environment introduced a new level of user friendliness when it was launched by providing a design entry system that allows precision finite-element analysis (FEA) models of motors and generators to be created and solved in minutes. The two-dimensional (2D) version of the software has now been integrated with Cobham’s optimization tool, which automatically finds the optimal solution within a design space, even for multiple or competing design objectives. sands of simulations can typically be executed within hours, making a 'solution' achievable for all users, without expert assistance. The 2D Machines Environment is now in its fourth generation, and Cobham has developed an extensive library of rotating machine design styles and design components. A three-dimensional version of the Machines Environment is optionally available. The Magnet Experts Across any application, Magnet Applications™ and Bunting® Magnetics Co. are teamed together to provide the magnetic technology solution you are seeking. Orlando, FL, March 13-14 Booth #503 At Magnet Applications™ we have 50+ years as an OEM Supplier of Magnets. Our years of experience in the manufacture and design of magnets and magnetic assemblies help you solve today’s tough design problems. Cobham’s Machines Environment is an application-specific extension to the well known Opera electromagnetic simulation package. It provides a front-end to the simulator that speeds design entry by means of Wizard-style dialog boxes. Users select the style of motor or generator they want to design from a library of all common types, including induction, brushless permanent magnet and switched reluctance motors, and synchronous motors or generators. Then, dialog boxes allow the user to enter parameters to define mechanical geometry, material properties and electrical data, and the FEA model is automatically created. Cobham has integrated a unique optimization tool that makes it simple for users to find the best solution across the design space. While autooptimization tools are not new, they usually require manual intervention if the globally optimal solution is to be found, and the simulation times involved often make this impractical. Cobham’s tool, Optimizer, intelligently selects and manages multiple goal-seeking algorithms including stochastic, descent, particle swarm and Kriging to eliminate the need for manual intervention. Setting up an Optimizer run from the Machines Environment has now been made as easy as the design entry process. Because most FEA With complete design capabilites and flexible manufacturing methods, Magnet Applications ™ is the ideal supplier. From selecting the right material, to developing the best manufacturing method, to delivery, We’re your Total Magnet Solution. Visit for all OEM magnet needs. Any Magnet, Quickly In Stock, Ready to Ship Bunting Magnetics is the leader in off the shelf magnets, and now we've made buying magnets online quicker, simpler and better. 1,000's of magnets are available and can be shipped to you within 24 hours! Visit Bunting Magnetics Co. new website, At you have easy access to product information, live updates on your order and much more... ©2012 Bunting® Magnetics Co. BUNT-013112-1 MAGNET APPLICATIONS ® 847-593-2060 (outside USA and Canada) 800-232-4359 or 267-263-4801 (outside USA and Canada) 800-437-8890 or Spring 2012 • Magnetics Business & Technology 15

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