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INDUSTRY NEWS Hitachi Files Against Unlicensed Users of NdFeB Hitachi Metals, Ltd. has filed a formal complaint with the US International Trade Commission (ITC) against 29 manufacturers and importers of sintered rare earth magnets and products containing sintered rare earth magnets. Hitachi Metals seeks exclusion orders from the ITC prohibiting the entry into the US of unlicensed, infringing sintered rare earth magnets and products containing those magnets and cease and desist orders prohibiting certain activity within the US. Hitachi Metals owns more than 600 patents worldwide relating to sintered rare earth magnets, including more than 100 patents in the US alone. This significant patent portfolio contains patents essential for the safe, efficient, commercial manufacture of sintered rare earth magnets. Notwithstanding the broad scope of this patent portfolio, it has come to the attention of Hitachi Metals that a number of unlicensed magnet manufacturers have been importing, selling for importation, and/or selling after importation into the US infringing sintered rare earth magnets and products containing those magnets. - See Hitachi Metals at MAGNETICS 2013 DOD Investment in Thomas & Skinner’s “Neo” Magnet Research rapid technological advancements and continued strong demand from existing applications are also driving growth in the global Magnetic Materials market. Soft Magnetic Materials, comprising Soft Ferrites and Electrical Steel, represents the largest product segment in the Global Magnetic Materials market. Powder-based soft magnetic products such as soft ferrites and other iron-based powder components are expected to witness growth in the near future mainly driven by the growing demand from end-use industries such as high frequency power electronics and information technology. Another important category is Permanent Magnetic Materials, which includes Alnico Magnets, Hard Ferrite, Samarium Cobalt Magnets and NdFeB Magnets. Asia-Pacific leads the global market for magnetic materials. China’s magnetic materials industry has witnessed a rapid growth and leads the world in terms of production, yield, and output of magnetic materials. Based on the favorable investment climate, ferrite magnet enterprises in developed nations such as Europe and America have relocated manufacturing operations to China and surrounding countries in the Asia-Pacific region. An Executive Summary for this report and free sample pages from the full document are available at http://www.giiresearch. com/report/go138668-magnetic-material.html. Send new products & industry news to Heather Krier at The Department of Defense (DOD) will invest in a defense supply-chain assessment, to be performed by Thomas & Skinner, Inc., regarding the requirement for competitive domestic neodymium-iron-boron (neo) magnets or their substitutes to support defense supplychain manufacturing capability. Neo magnets are essential elements in several military weapons components, including missile guidance systems, ® bomb fuses and satellite communication devices, which are critical to US national security. Introduces the series of “China currently produces about 75 percent of SMD Molded High Current Power Inductors the world’s neo magnets, not including other unlicensed production,” said Vern Detlef, president • 13.2 mm x 12.8 mm x 6.5 mm • Current: 10.0 Amps to 60 Amps and CEO of Thomas & Skinner. “The Depart• DCR: 0.50 mΩ to 16.8 mΩ ment’s investment into our research represents the • Inductance: 0.1 uH to 10 uH ideal type of partnership in a first step toward rewith 20% tolerance establishing a competitive supply of domestically • Operating Temperature Range: produced neo magnets.” -55°C to +125°C Thomas & Skinner has extensive experience • Shielded with the sintering process and is one of the few • Applications include AC/DC and DC-DC US companies currently sintering non-neo permaConverters, Computer HDD, nent magnets. Flat Displays/TVs, Cameras etc. SMD Molded High Current Power Inductors Frontier Electronics Corp. CSHMR1265-XXXX new! - See Thomas & Skinner/USMMA at MAGNETICS 2013 • Taped & Reeled Global Market for Magnetic Materials To Reach $33 Billion by 2018 The global market for Magnetic Materials is forecast to reach $33 billion by the year 2018, buoyed by strong global demand for Magnetic Materials that is largely driven by Asia, particularly China. The resurgence of global economy, 1201112_CSHMR1265-XXXX.indd 1 For more information please call: 667 E. Cochran St., Simi Valley, CA 93065 Fax: 805-522-9989 e-mail: 1-800-929-9888 Winter 2012 • Magnetics Business & Technology 33 26/01/2012 2:43 PM

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