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COMPONENT DEVELOPMENTS • APPLICATION Bodine Electric Adds More Power and Performance to Parallel Shaft Gearmotor Family Bodine Electric Company has launched a new generation of their type E and F gearmotors. The 42A5-FX is a completely redesigned permanent magnet DC (PMDC) parallel shaft gearmotor that provides up to 40 percent more torque than previous E/F models. Forty new stock models are offered with either 12/24 VDC or 90/130 VDC rated motor windings. New synthetic lubricant allows the FX gearhead to operate at a wider temperature range while at the same time improving overall gearhead performance. Stronger, hardened helical steel gears and new needle bearings provide more torque and 25 percent longer product life. The 42A5-FX achieves these gains in power, performance and flexibility without any change in the gearhead dimensions or mounting configurations. The 42A5-FX gearmotor is well suited for medical equipment, packaging machines, conveyor systems, printing equipment and factory automation applications. The 12/24 VDC gearmotor models drive portable or remote applications where connection to an AC line is not possible. The 42A-FX is driven by Bodine’s rugged 42A5-frame (4.25 inch/108 mm diameter) permanent magnet DC motor. Redesigned windings now bring Bodine power and dependability to low-voltage solar/battery power applications, as well as those applications using standard 90/130 VDC power (up to 3/8 hp/280 watts). The motor’s high starting torque and linear speed/torque characteristics make it well suited for variable-speed, high-torque applications. The FX gearhead provides up to 350 lb-in. (40 Nm) continuous torque. Models are available in gear ratios ranging from 5:1 to 300:1 and rated output speeds of 3 to 500 RPM. These new stock models are available through Bodine’s extensive distributor network, via direct sales to OEMs, or from the Bodine web site. Stock orders typically ship within two to three business days. ‘Smart’ Voice Coil Actuator Featuring Built-In Position Feedback Sensor BEI Kimco Magnetics, a brand of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), Inc., has introduced its latest generation Housed Voice Coil Actuator (VCA), the smart LAS28-53-00A. Spring 2013 • Magnetics Business & Technology 21

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