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APPLICATION • COMPONENT DEVELOPMENTS Coto Technology Introduces MEMS-Based Magnetic Reed Switch Coto Technology, Inc. has announced the RedRock RS-A2515, a Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)-based magnetic reed switch. Based on its unique high aspect ratio MEMS design and manufacturing processes, the switch provides all of the advantages of conventional magnetic reed switch technology, including zero power operation and high-power hot switching. Coto has married these features to the inherent benefits of MEMS-based design and manufacture, including item-to-item uniformity, robustness and small size by using wafer level packaging (WLP). The resulting solution meets the demanding requirements of applications in the medical, military and industrial markets. The MEMS-based reed switch has a footprint of less than 2.1 mm² (1.01 by 2.08 mm), is 0.94 mm high. The Coto Technology RS-A-2515 MEMS-based magnetic switch, the first of a new Coto Technology switch family, exhibits all of the high performance characteristics inherent in classical reed switches. These include closure sensitivity ranges from 5 to 25 millitesla (mT), permitting operation up to 20 mm using a small NdFeB magnet. This provides it with the ability to address a wide range of applications. The switch has a release sensitivity greater than 15 mT, minimizing the risk of sticking when the magnetic field is removed. The RS-A-2515 has a maximum switching voltage of 100 VDC with a switching current of 50 mA DC or 35 mA AC, RMS. The zero operating power is a critical advantage in power sensitive applications, particularly those operating with battery power. Marrying these major performance advantages with the inherent benefits of batch processed MEMS technology including wafer level hermetic packaging, low-cost manufacturability, and item-to-item reproducibility provide a truly unique advantage for its selection in demanding applications. The Coto Technology RedRock MEMS-based magnetic Reed switch RS-A-2515 is available from stock in evaluation quantities at the unit price of $29.95. Coto also provides an evaluation kit, RS-A-2515 EVAL. Available from stock, the kit sells for $49.95 in single piece quantities. Dual-Mode Wireless Power Receiver IC Compatible with Both WPC and PMA Standards Integrated Device Technology, Inc. has announced a dualmode wireless power receiver IC that provides compatibility with both the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and Power Matters Alliance (PMA) standards. IDT’s innovative receiver bridges the technology gap between competing transmission standards, 14 Magnetics Business & Technology • Summer 2013 empowering mobile device and accessory OEMs to use a single bill-of-materials (BOM) to support both WPC and PMA standards. The IDTP9021 is an enhanced version of IDT’s IDTP9020 wireless power receiver that complies with the PMA Type 1 Interoperability Specification in addition to the WPC "Qi" standard, allowing customers to consolidate multi-chip configurations into a single-chip solution. IDT’s device is the industry’s first to receive pre-certification from the PMA, and is the only solution with demonstrated compatibility between the two most popular magnetic induction-based wireless power standards. The IDTP9021 is well suited for use in a myriad of mobile devices, including smart phones, tablets, MIDs, digital cameras, MP3 players, remote controls, portable medical devices, and other personal electronics. The IDTP9021 integrates a high-efficiency synchronous full bridge rectifier, high-efficiency synchronous buck converter, and control circuits to wirelessly receive an AC power signal from a compatible transmitter and convert it into a regulated 5 V output voltage for powering and charging portal electronics. It automatically switches between WPC and PMA protocols and negotiates the power exchange without user supervision. This simplifies the system architecture and ensures operation during everyday use. The device delivers 5 W in WPC and PMA modes in accordance with those standards. When paired with IDT wireless power transmitters, systems can make use of the proprietary power control loop embedded in the communication protocol to achieve a 50 percent increase in output power to 7.5 W. The IDTP9021 is currently sampling to qualified customers and is available in a 56-lead WLCSP package. The IDTP9021 is priced at $4.32 each for volumes of 1,000 units. Ultracapacitors for Portland Area Light Rail Braking Energy Recuperation System Maxwell Technologies, Inc. is supplying ultracapacitors for an energy-saving braking energy recuperation system that American Maglev Technology (AMT), is installing on light rail vehicles operated by the Portland, Oregon area's Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District (TriMet). TriMet won a $4.2 million grant from the US Department of Transportation's Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Transit Investment for Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction (TIGGER) program to improve the efficiency of its fleet of 101 light rail vehicles equipped with regenerative braking after determining that the vehicles were able to use only about 70 percent of the energy generated by braking. In regenerative braking systems, the electric motor that propels an electric or hybrid vehicle also does most of the braking. When the brakes are applied, instead of employing a conventional friction-based braking process, the system signals

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