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APPLICATION FEATURE New Linear Motor Designs Improve Speed and Positioning Multiple Design Offerings Permit a Variety of Configurations Linear motors enable maximum precision and dynamic performance in various motion control tasks. These include not only rapid traverse, but slow constant speed traverse of machine heads, spindle slides, tool management systems, part handling devices and more. There are considerable cost savings to be realized when various mechanical components are replaced by simple and efficient linear motors. These motors provide a total drive system, offering reliability, precision, high dynamic stability, low maintenance and improved production time. What is a linear motor? The rotary electric motors with which we are so familiar contain a circular electro-magnet called a stator. In a linear motor, the electromagnet is built the same way, only flat as if it were The advantages of linear motors in machine applications include: unrolled. The rotor is also built the same way, unrolled or flat. • Outstanding dynamic response When the electromagnets of the primary are energized, they at- • High acceleration/deceleration tract the secondary sections and push the motor along. The more • High traverse velocity over long distances at constant speeds current applied, the stronger the magnetic field and the more force • Backlash free positioning; no longer any need for “Ballscrew Compensation” the motor generates. Visualize a wooden roller coaster at your favorite amusement • Easy installation with a minimum of components park. To get the train up the first hill for that “big drop”, we roll • Contactless drive with no mechanical wear primary sections can be stationary to the base of the hill where a chain drive, driven by an electric • Design flexibility; 1:29 PM Page 1 MagneticsAd-MagBusTech_Layout 1 5/2/13 or moving motor, gearbox and sprocket, clanks and jerks the train to the top of the hill. Now, imagine a ride a modern roller coaster with linear motors. Feel that sudden burst of acceleration as you leave the station? Enough force can be generated to propel the train over the first hill and through that first scary loop. Booster “shots” of force can be used at various points to maintain the train’s speed, as it rolls through loops and turns never before possible with older designs. Finally, you feel the braking action at the station by…you guessed it, a linear motor. What stopped the wooden roller coaster? Remember the guy at the station pulling a big lever? • Current sensors/transformers and snap-on Linear motors are simple. Two main compoload detectors nents, the primary containing electro-magnets and • Power inductors/chokes the secondary with either permanent magnets or • Switch mode power supply inductors magnet-free, drive the moving member. Gone are • Toroidal and laminate power transformers servo motors, resolvers, tachometers, couplings, • Lighting chokes, inductor/filters, modem pulleys, timing belts, ball screws and nuts, suptransformers and air coils port bearings, lubrication systems and cooling systems. Gone also are systems that used hollow • Custom designs are our specialty ball screws with coolant systems for thermal staDownload our NEW bilization. Gone are rack and pinion systems that brochure used expensive torque motors and/or gear boxes. Call 888.267.1195 or visit Gone also are chain drive systems requiring high torque hydraulic motors with associated power units. So other than eliminating expensive comEMI Signal & Power Filters • Filtered Connectors • Advanced Ceramics ponents, what do we gain? transformers, inductors magnetics & custom solutions Summer 2013 • Magnetics Business & Technology 21

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