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COMPONENT DEVELOPMENTS * APPLICATION Flexible Magnetic Belt Encoder Adapts to Any Shaft Diameter HDMag flex magnetic encoders from Baumer allow improved flexibility in mounting and accurate measuring under harsh conditions on large shafts such as those in torque motors, generators, large drive units, azipod drive units (PODs), hoists and cranes, paper machinery, wind turbines and hydroelectric plants. Available for shaft diameters from 300 mm (11.8 inches) to more than 3 meters (9.8 feet), the flexible magnetic belt can be buckled around the shaft using only two included screws by a single operator in mere minutes. That means that the HDMag flex encoders can be installed in existing machinery without removing any parts. nar transformers can offer improved power density and performance when compared to equivalent wire wound transformer designs. The SX41 can handle up to 2 KW of power, and like all Standex-Meder planar transformers, can be tailored to fit a customer's specific needs. MAGNET APPLICATIONS TOTAL MAGNETIC SOLUTIONS Across any application, Magnet Applications ™ is able to provide the magnetic technology solution you are seeking. The non-contact, magnetic sensing principle ensures maximum resistance to shock, vibration, dust, dirt, liquids and condensation. HDMag flex magnetic belt encoders are available either as incremental with HTL, TTL/RS422, or 1 Vpp SinCos outputs and up to 131072 lines per revolution, or as quasi-absolute with SSI data and additional incremental output signals. With IP 67 protection class, 30 g vibration, and 300 g shock ratings, these encoders are suitable for harsh applications from -40°F to 185°F. The operational speed rating is up to 1,850 rpm, making the HDMag flex series well suited for any large shaft application. At Magnet Applications™ we have 50+ years as an OEM Supplier of Magnets. Our years of experience in the manufacture and design of magnets and magnetic assemblies help you solve today's tough design problems. With complete design capabilites and flexible manufacturing methods, Magnet Applications™ is the ideal supplier. From selecting the right material, to developing the best manufacturing method, to delivery, Visit for all your OEM magnet needs. Sx41 Series Planar Transformers Standex-Meder Electronics has announced the SX41 series of planar transformers for 500 W to 2 KW applications. Available in standard or custom designs, the SX41 delivers high performance for power conversion applications in the welding, automotive, telecommunications, renewable energy, and aerospace industries. These transformers feature an enhanced core design to promote volumetric efficiency and thermal performance. A large core surface promotes heat transfer while minimizing AC resistance and proximity Cu loss, and an optimized core cross section lowers core loss. As a result, SX41 (800) 437-8890 E-mail: ©2013 Bunting Magnetics Co. ® Winter 2013 * Magnetics Business & Technology 15

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