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EDITOR'S CHOICE Miniature Step-Up Transformers for Energy Harvesting Applications Coilcraft's new 6 by 6 mm LPR6235 series coupled inductors can be used as step-up or flyback transformers in DC-DC converters or as autotransformers. They are well suited for voltage step-up in energy harvesting applications and have been selected by Linear Technology for their LTC3108 and LTC3109 Ultralow Voltage Step-Up Converter and Power Managers. These compact, shielded parts measure 6 mm square by 3.5 mm high. They feature an improved coupling coefficient (k = 0.95) and are available with five turns ratios from 1:10 to 1:100 for a variety of voltage step-up and step-down applications. They offer 300 V winding-to-winding isolation and their combination of high Isat and low DCR provides high efficiency and improved current handling in a rugged, low-cost design. Coilcraft also offer an even smaller LPR 4012 series transformer that measures 4 mm square by 1.1 mm high. Both versions are RoHS compliant and offer a maximum reflow temperature of 260°C. They feature silver-palladium-platinum-glass frit terminations. COTS Plus tinsilver-copper and tin-lead terminations are also available. Lightweight Case Employs Magnetics to Simplify Smartphone Charging Magnetyze-branded protective cases and magnetic charging cables that enable users to "charge and go" are now available for the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, BuQu Tech. Magnetyze by BuQu Tech applies magnetics technology to keep Android and iPhone smartphones protected, charged and ready. Magnets integrated into the lightweight protective case and at one end of the USB cable included with each Galaxy S4 protective case make full-speed charging a breeze and eliminate multiple cords, clumsy cradles and the need for new charging accessories with every smartphone upgrade. With Magnetyze for the Galaxy S4, there's no more struggling with plugs and phone ports. Users simply attach the magnet at the end of the charging cable to the magnet on the back of the Magnetyze protective case for instant full-speed charging from any USB power source. The custom-designed Magnetyze protective case (available in black or white) protects the smartphone from everyday hazards and enables users to easily access the Galaxy S4's camera and functional buttons. The Samsung Galaxy S4 protective case and quick-connect magnetic charging cable join a growing family of smartphone chargers and charging accessories that include the Samsung Galaxy S3 on the Android platform and the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5. Volume 12, Issue 4 Editor & Publisher David Webster Director of Content Nick Depperschmidt Senior Editor Shannon Given Associate Editor Heather Williams Contributing Editor Stan Trout News Editors Sue Hannebrink, Jeremy Fleming Scott Webster, Robert Schaudt Director of Support Services/Circulation Marc Vang Databases/Directories Ross Webster Advertising Sales and Marketing Jeremy Fleming, Director of Sales Scott Webster, Advertising Sales Manager Production Julie Hammond Webmaster Brie Ryden Administration Marsha Grillo, Director Julie Williams, Office Manager Magnetics Business & Technology (ISSN #1535-1998) is a publication of Webcom Communications Corp. Subscriptions for one year are free for the qualified US, $44.00 non-qualified US and $60.00 outside US. Single copies are $20.00 each plus shipping. Back issues are available for $20.00. Payment must be made in US funds in order to process the order. Direct all subscription inquiries, orders and address changes to Fulfillment Services. Reprints: For reprint requests contact Webcom Communications at 720-528-3770. © Copyright 2013 Webcom Communications Corp. Material in this publication may not be reproduced in any form without written permission. Requests for permission should be directed to the customer service manager. Webcom Communications Corp. 7355 E. Orchard Road, Ste. 100 Greenwood Village, CO 80111 Phone 720-528-3770 Fax 720-528-3771 4 Magnetics Business & Technology * Winter 2013

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