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SOFTWARE & DESIGN Standex-Meder Announces Online Magnet Training Module Standex-Meder Electronics now offers an in-depth training module, Magnet Technology and Their Uses, suited for helping design engineers explore what magnets are, what they do, and how they are used in electronics design. Magnet usage is increasing in electronic applications because magnets can be used to switch reed sensors using no power, a significant asset in today's energy-constrained world. The magnet training module is supplied as part of Digi-Key's PTM Online ...On Demand product training modules. The presentation includes an audio narration along with diagrams and graphics that aid the learning process. Conveniently divided into 37 short segments, the read-at-your-own-pace is perfect for busy design engineers who need to learn more about the many ways magnets are being used in today's electronics designs. Engineers can learn about the basics of magnetics and magnetic properties, temperature effects and magnetic strength and size, and how the Curie temperature affects switch design. Also covered is practical information on the types of magnets available with a range of magnetic fields, accompanied by charts and graphic aids, including information on the most popular magnets used in the electronics industry and their stability at high and low temperatures. Finally, the training module delves deeply into how to use magnets in today's designs and provides detailed graphics on how magnets are employed in reed relays and sensors, whose no-power attributes make them extremely desirable in today's designs. MagNet for SolidWorks Coming in 2014 Infolytica Corp. has announced that MagNet for SolidWorks, a new software package, will be officially launched in 2014. SolidWorks users who need to design and analyze electromagnetic or electromechanical devices can use this new tool directly in their preferred CAD environment. MagNet for SolidWorks is a new product from Infolytica, which embeds an electromagnetic field simulator as an add-in to Solidworks 2013 or later. It uses the same 3D EM finite element technology that is in the company's MagNet 2D/3D simulation software. The advantage is a device can be simulated and analyzed with Infolytica's electromagnetic solver technology directly in Solidworks' native solid modeling system without any geometric translation or model import. Using just one environment for modeling and design is both convenient and more efficient for the user. For everything magnetic! Magnet-Physics Inc. 9001 Technology Drive Suite C-2 Fishers, IN 46038-2848 Contact: Reinhold Strnat Phone: 317-577-8700 Fax: 317-578-2510 Email: Web site: Magnet-Physics Inc. provides North American sales and technical service for the products of Magnet-Physik Dr. Steingroever GmbH of Cologne, Germany, a worldwide supplier of high-quality magnetizing and magnetic test equipment since 1976. We provide manually operated and fully automated magnetizing and calibrating systems from 300J to 300kJ energy, and will work with your automation supplier. The company has been ISO 9001 certified since 1995. We also manufacture Hall-effect gaussmeters, fluxmeters, Helmholtz- and other flux-sensing coils. Our laboratories in the USA and Germany offer magnetic measurement services for permanent magnets and soft magnetic materials, and traceable calibration of gaussmeters, fluxmeters and coils. Adams Magnetic Products has been a leading supplier of permanent magnets, magnetic assemblies and soft magnetic components since 1950. Through unparalleled corporate strength and commitment we take pride in providing total magnetic solutions to all our customers. ® 509 Assembly Drive Elizabethtown, KY 800-763-4795 ISO 9001:2008 certified ITAR registered Spring 2014 * Magnetics Business & Technology 23

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