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MAGNETICS 2016 Magnetics 2016 has finalized the 2016 conference program. A full conference registration will grant you access to the show's technical program, networking functions/meals, cocktail reception and the co-located Motor and Drive Systems 2016 conference. Register by November 19th for the discounted early-bird rate of $795. This two-day conference is a leading global event focused on the latest economic developments and technical advancements in magnetics markets and technologies bringing together worldwide magnetics experts. This is a once-a-year opportunity for professionals involved in magnetics to learn the latest advancements in magnetics applications, technology and materials as well as global issues of supply, demand and pricing of magnetic materials. The 2016 event is offering its most comprehensive program to date offering specialized and focused presentations in speaking tracks that include: Magnetics Market Outlook; Rare Earths / Permanent Magnets; Ferrites / Soft Magnetics; Electromagnetics; and Design & Manufacturing. Magnetics 2016 Program: Market Outlook for Ferrite, Rare Earth and Other Permanent Magnets: 2015 to 2025 Steve Constantinides, Director of Technology - Arnold Magnetic Technologies What Licensing Means (and Doesn't Mean) for Sintered NdFeB Manufacturers and Users James Bell, Consultant - MagnetoDynamics Magnetizing Considerations for Motor Design David Miller, President - Magnetic Instrumentation Comparison of Permanent Magnets for Different Applications Dr. Jinfang Liu, Chief Operating Officer - Electron Energy Corp. The Design of a Permanent Magnet Motor for Direct Drive Fan Application Lowell Christensen, Vice President of Engineering - TruTech Specialty Motors Design Trade-Offs and Challenges in Resonant Inductive Wireless Power Transfer Systems Gianpaolo Lisi, Kalyan Siddabattula - Texas Instruments' Kilby Laboratories Tailoring of Pole Shapes of Multipolar Injection Molded Permanent Magnets Thomas Schliesch, Head of Research & Development - Max Baermann GmbH Thermal Aging of NdFeB Magnetic Powder in Hydrogen Dr. Frederick E. Pinkerton, Technical Fellow, CMS Lab - GM Research and Development Center Integrating Magnetic Field Mapping, Crack Detection and Coordinates Measurement Sasa Spasic, CEO - SENIS AG Coating Integrity Following Thermal Demagnetization of Rare-Earth Permanent Magnets - A Reuse Strategy Stig Högberg, Ph.D. Researcher, Department of Electrical Engineering - Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Bonded Magnets 2016: Current Status and Future Developments Dr. John Ormerod, Senior Technology Advisor - Magnet Applications, Inc. Panel: What's in Store for the Global Magnet Industry? Walter T. Benecki LLC, Magnet Applications, Arnold Magnetic Technologies Market Analysis of Chinese Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Dr. Xue Wang, VP - Beijing Ruidow Information Technology Co., Ltd. The Economic Manufacturability of Rotor Magnets and Assemblies David Dai, Vice President - Pacific PAC Technologies, Inc. Application of Magnetic Measurement Technology in Development and Production of Electromagnetic Actuators Andrey Gadyuchko, Magnetic Measurement - Kendrion Supplying Low Cost Greenland Rare Earths Damien Krebs, Metallurgy Manager - Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd Quality Control of PM Rotor Systems by 3D Hall and Innovative Magneto-Optics Matthias Schmidt, Research Associate - MATESY GmbH High Temperature First-Order-Reversal-Curve (FORC) Study of Ferrite-Based Magnetic Materials Brad Dodrill - Lake Shore Cryotronics Paul Ohodnicki- National Energy Technology Laboratory Advances in Powder Metal Technology for High-Performance Soft Magnetic Applications Matt Bulger, VP Technology - NetShape Technologies Self-Propagating High Temperature Synthesis (SHS) of Ferrites Dr. Ashvin Srivastava, CEO/Founder - PIM Group, LLC Bridging the Gap Between Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Hysteresis Measurement System for Permanent Magnets Dr. Luc Van Bockstal, Technical Director - Metis Instruments 18 Magnetics Business & Technology * Winter 2015

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