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EDITOR'S CHOICE New Process Recycles Magnets from Factory Floor A new recycling method developed by scientists at the Critical Materials Institute, a DOE Energy led by Ames Laboratory, recovers valuable rare-earth magnetic material from manufacturing waste and creates useful magnets out of it. Efficient waste-recovery methods for rare-earth metals are one way to reduce demand for these limited mined resources. The process, which inexpensively processes and directly reuses samarium-cobalt waste powders as raw material, can be used to create polymer-bonded magnets that are comparable in performance to commercial bonded magnets made from new materials. It can also be used to make sintered magnets (formed by pressure compaction and heat). Inductive Components from SMP Offer Expanded Performance Range SMP Sintermetalle Prometheus GmbH & Co KG (SMP) has expanded the performance range of its products. The range of inductive components is designed for currents up to 3,000 A and frequencies up to 500 kHz, which can be increased to as much as 2 MHz in special applications. SMP uses powder composite materials that have been developed and manufactured entirely inhouse and feature lower eddy current and magnetic reversal losses. The inductive components of this medium-size, family-owned business are noted for their low loss balances, optimal EMC properties, quiet running and compact, lightweight design. They are also maintenance-free. The three-dimensional isotropy of the materials enables compact, lightweight structures, because the magnetic circuits are minimized. This also lowers the magnetic field strength, and the quantity of winding material used can be significantly reduced. Special, magnetorestriction-free materials ensure that components run quietly. These materials, which are developed and produced according to individual customer specifications, have a high saturation induction, up to 2 Tesla. And the oscillation behavior of the choke can be adjusted specifically by using certain materials or appropriate, magnetically coupled constructions with multiple coils. Depending on their application, the components are designed either as single-conductor chokes for high-current applications, individual chokes, choke modules or LC filters. They can be manufactured with dimensions ranging from 19 mm to 300 mm, weighing from 0.05 kg to 130 kg, and up to temperature class H (up to 180°C). Protection classes up to IP66 are available according to the intended application. All components are RoHS and REACH compliant, and CE- and EAC certified. The materials used are UL listed. SMP has its own, UL approved insulation system and in-house capability to issue UL certification up to 1,000 A and 1,000 V; for higher currents and voltages, certification is carried out externally. Ultra-Low Profile, Shielded, SMT Power Inductors for Small Electronic Devices Pulse Electronics Corp. has released a family of six new ultra-low profile SMT shielded inductors for compact pointof-load and mobile devices. With mounted height profiles of 1.0 mm to 3.2 mm, these inductors are suited for today's mobile computing, home automation, portable POS and other small handheld devices. These ultra-low profile inductors have core geometries and construction that enable high currents with no radiated magnetic fields to interfere with associated components. The ultra-low-profile design has a metalized core termination that provides improved shock resistance characteristics without impacting the height of the part. The family consists of six series of parts, the PA4330, PA4331, PA4332, PA4333, PA4334, and PA4335, which vary by footprint, current rating and inductance range. 4 Magnetics Business & Technology * Winter 2015 Volume 14, Issue 3 Editor & Publisher David Webster Director of Content Nick Depperschmidt Senior Editor Shannon Given Associate Editor Heather Williams Contributing Editor Stan Trout News Editors Sue Hannebrink, Scott Webster, Robert Schaudt, Judy Lamare Director of Support Services/Circulation Marc Vang Databases/Directories Ross Webster Advertising and Sales Scott Webster, Advertising Sales Manager Marketing Carmen Abraham Production Julie Hammond Webmaster CJ Brewer Administration Marsha Grillo, Director Magnetics Business & Technology (ISSN #1535-1998) is a publication of Webcom Communications Corp. Subscriptions for one year are free for the qualified US, $44.00 non-qualified US and $60.00 outside US. Single copies are $20.00 each plus shipping. 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