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NEW PRODUCTS curately in less time. It also helps save millions in capex dollars by finding unused capacity and untapped infrastructure resources in data centers. Users can create connections easier, with as few or as many hops as needed. Connections can be defined with the level of granularity desired by users down to physical port attributes, logical attributes such as VLAN, groupings and color coding. dcTrack also has the ability to build virtual to physical connections, between virtual ports on virtual machines to physical ports on the physical hosts and from there to any upstream connections. To help dcTrack calculate and track power utilization and capacity anywhere along the power path, dcTrack 2.6 and Raritan’s Power IQ energy management software are available as a pre-integrated solution. dcTrack leverages Power IQ’s vendor-agnostic power and environmental data collection. Power IQ finds unused capacity by accurately determining in real time the draw of individual data center equipment. In many cases, the actual draw is about 50 percent of the wattage or amperage listed on a device’s nameplate. complete integration of programmable automation, alarm management, data logging and IP telemetry in a single, rugged package. Simple yet powerful platforms leverage web technologies and push messaging via e-mail, SMS text and FTP. T-BOX systems are easy to configure and offer reduced costs versus traditional PLC and SCADA architectures. Semaphore, a CSE Global company, has announced that the T-BOX LT and MS RTU product lines for remote monitoring and SCADA system applications are now available with 3G cellular modems. The modems are compatible with GSM quad band and UMTS triple band, 3G cellular networks, worldwide. Two versions are distinguished by UMTS compatibility. The US version supports Band V (850 MHz) while an EU version supports Band VIII (900 MHz). T-BOX LT is a compact, rugged, Ethernet RTU with up to 32 I/O points. T-BOX MS is a modular system that can accommodate up to 20 communications ports and more than 800 I/O points. T-BOX employs a decentralized architecture that enables the Semaphore Releases 3G Cellular Modems for RTU Product Line CalAmp Corp. has introduced the high-performance, multi-band Fusion-LTE 4G router platform to enable broadband communications for industrial, Smart Grid and other mission-critical applications. The Fusion-LTE operates on the latest 4G cellular networks, giving users added communications speed and throughput for data-intensive applications. In the absence of 4G coverage, the auto-adapting device will fall back to 3G performance. This broadband router provides wireless data connectivity in bands 13, 14 and 17 at 4G speeds over both public and private LTE networks with applications supported over CalAmp’s COLT cloud-based enterprise server platform. Embedded Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS capability afford users the option of mobile communications and navigation services to meet additional field requirements. “As we enter the era of ‘The Internet of Things’, where nearly every object and device can be connected, Fusion-LTE’s broadband speeds will allow our customers to future proof their communications sytstems in preparation for data requirements yet unkown. In particular, Fusion-LTE will help make possible a variety of mission-critical, fixed-remote and mobile applications within our target markets,” said Mike Zachan, general manager of CalAmp’s Wireless Networks business. CalAmp Launches Fusion-LTE 4G Broadband Router Platform for Smart Grid Applications Remote Site & Equipment Management \ SCADA Issue 23

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Remote - Special SCADA issue 2012

Remote - Special SCADA issue 2012
Re-Inventing SCADA for the Next Generation Enterprise
Securing Automation within Critical Infrastructures for SCADA Security
As the Brain, So the Body: The PLC Market and Automation
Reducing Labor Costs and Increasing Investor Confidence With Real-Time Monitoring of Photovoltaic Energy Network
Advantages of the DNP3 Communications Protocol in Water & Wastewater Telemetry Systems
Hardwire vs. Wireless Failsafe Control Systems
Advantech Introduces IEC 61850-3/IEEE 1613 Compliant Substation Automation Platform
CalAmp Launches Fusion-LTE 4G Broadband Router Platform for Smart Grid Applications
El Paso Water Utilities Implements Trimble Fieldport Mobile Software to Streamline Customer Field Service

Remote - Special SCADA issue 2012