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Ars Gratia Nuptiae Ultra-creative additions to your wedding day memorabilia—make your day last with style. You can have a wedding in a museum, or rent fine art to decorate your event. Unfortunately, wedding memories have the potential to be reduced to something less sensory like paper, celluloid, or yellowing flora. But never fear, where there is beauty, there are passionate, creative people to interpret, enhance, and confer great permanence to those moments of joy. But I don’t have that kind of budget, right? Well, yes and no. You will be so enchanted when you enjoy or share your great moments again and again. You’ll benefit indefinitely and your memories will be deeply rooted in all of the intimate things that last forever; portraits, keepsakes, and music that filled the air. You only get one chance to capture it, so it’s not just about a day’s work. Take a journey, from the planning stages to the thank you cards, and discover the ways you can be the muse, and your wedding day, the inspired work of art. An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision. ~James Whistler First, there are announcements. The initial proclamation you are to be married, and the first impression most people get of your style, personality, and what’s in store. Certainly, you can go online and order some nice cards from a template. But you might as well go to EveryWeddingIsTheSame-right?.com. What you need is to reflect on who you are, and what this moment means to you. How can a website know that? Hand-painted stationery is a divine way to set the stage. Every invitation is a portrayal of you, and carries with it your hopes and excitement. Work with someone who is a good communicator and will understand you enough to blend your vision with function. Your guests will notice you put the time and the thought into creating the motif, and have reached out to them with something beautiful. Carol Woldhuis (CarolWoldhuisDesigns. com) who designs and produces hand-painted invitations, place cards, and all manner of wedding design is as good as her word: “Where art meets 23W WEDDING GUIDE I stationery.” She creates painted invites, each with a new idea, a new look, and utterly original. You’ll have frameworthy pieces to cherish. Now, you have your designs and theme—you need to build on the communication. In days gone by, hand calligraphy was the relative standard of penmanship. As time went on and inventions like ballpoint pens came along, calligraphy became exclusive and more special. You may be tempted again to save money because calligraphy is a nice extra and after all, you have a nice laser printer. But artists, including calligraphers, love to create, so hire one to run free a bit and see if they have the perfect idea for you. For instance, instead of having table numbers, imagine… a room full of beautiful characters and flourishes to enhance the sophisticated look of the tables. There is a similar design on the seating chart, which also looks a lot like the invitations and envelopes. Christy Toney of CT Designs in Chicago ( is a professional calligrapher who doesn’t want you to miss an opportunity to “speak” to your guests. She recommends no matter what you create and send, at least one of those items should be hand-lettered, and it should be something they hold in their hands. In short, calligraphy is more than just exquisite lettering; it is original art, and the personalized items become the most personal. If music be the food of love, play on. ~William Shakespeare You’ve reserved everything and need to plan the ceremony. Have you considered the fact that all of the music at weddings was written for someone other than the bride and groom? Every traditional song, however beautiful, was written for someone else in another time, and is “borrowed.” Fear not! You can hire your own musical bard who will create an original wedding score; a reflection of who you are and your relationship with your groom, family, and friends. Nate Sanford ( is one such composer and is fully committed to the idea that like great movies and musicals, weddings flow from one scene to the next in a symphony; movements changing but maintaining the sense of self and personality for the couple. Elite musicians like Nate can write original songs for everything from the flower girl to the bride and groom exit, and immerse you in a beautiful sound to lift and reflect your very own heart and soul in a whole new way. Nate says his greatest customer

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Wedding Guide Chicago - Summer/Fall 2013
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Wedding Guide Chicago - Summer/Fall 2013