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Wine&Spirits ISSUE ARCHIVE DIGITAL EDITION In Pursuit of Balance Since 1952…or 1982… Stony Hill and Qupé may not be part of the current Pursuit of Balance clan, but they have been quietly making wines that show restraint and elegance for decades. FOLLOW US ON THE LATEST FROM THE WINE & SPIRITS BLOG AUGUST 2012 Zombie Body Parts Discovered in NY Recording Studio Chester Osborn of d'Arenberg is releas ing bits and pieces from his acclaimed Dead Arm vineyards, celebrating the family's 100 years in McLaren Vale. by Joshua Greene posted on Jun 21, 2012 by Joshua Greene posted on May 17, 2012 JUNE 2012 THE LATEST FROM THE PRINT EDITION Cirò & La Cucina Calabrese Silvestro Silvestori visits the grow ers who are revitalizing gaglioppo in Cirò, the great red match for the food of Italy’s true south. Malagousia The local grape, virtually extinct 35 years ago, has become the great white hope of Greece. Tara Q. Thomas reports. by Silvestro Silvestori APRIL 2012 PHOTO EXCLUSIVE AN OUT TAKE FROM THE SONOMA ROAD TRIP FEBRUARY 2012 DECEMBER 2011 OLIVE TREES AND VINEYARDS AT DRY CREEK OLIVE COMPANY

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Wine & Spirits - August 2012
Editor’s Note
Fined & Filtered: Lou Bustamante on cocktails aged in cask and bottle
Spirits: Tonic + Gin Reviewed by Lou Bustamante
North American Riesling
Tapas in the Capital of Cava
Prosecco + Prosciutto
Cirò & La Cucina Calabrese
Summer on the Road in Sonoma
Extreme Values
Tastings Overview
Summer Sparklers
US Riesling
Rías Baixas/Vinho Verde
Greek Wines
Northeast Italian Wines
American New Releases
Imported New Releases
Joshua Greene on moscato’s sweet disruptions

Wine & Spirits - August 2012