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AUGUST 2012 TASTINGS Refresh Me Dinner at eight. The sun hasn’t begun to set. The Prosecco’s on ice, rosé in the fridge, a butterflied leg of lamb on the coals, guests just beginning to arrive as if drawn by the scent of the grill. You’re stocked and you’re stoked for summer. It’s the time of year when you might pour assyrtiko with your lamb, as they do on Santorini, or just drink Cava all night while you turn up the music and dance. You’ll find everything you need in this August issue. Refreshing Vinho Verdes, albariños and Finger Lakes rieslings. Ribolla from Friuli, gewürz and lagrein from the mountains of Alto Adige. Even a refreshing blaufrankisch from the hills of Napa Valley. We selected these great summer wines with the help our panelists, including specialists in Greek wines like Kamal Kouiri of Molyvos and James Malios of Amali. Sommeliers such as Tyler Drinkwater of dell’Anima, Pascaline Lepeltier of Rouge Tomate and Michael Madrigale of Boulud Sud shared their Italian and French wine expertise in New York, while John Vuong of Ame and Mark Bright of Saison were some of the tasters who joined us in San Francisco to vet the American wines. For details on our blind tasting process, turn to page 57, and for access to our online database of all wines tasted and all reviews, go to YEAR’S BEST 46 Summer Sparklers tasted: 220 243 top wines: 15 best buys: 21 top wines: 17 best buys: 24 48 Rosé tasted: 50 US Riesling tasted: 145 top wines: 21 best buys: 10 52 Rías Baixas/Vinho Verde tasted: tasted: tasted: 116 292 434 top wines: 17 best buys: 20 top wines: 41 best buys: 44 top wines: 51 best buys: 43 54 Greek Wines 59 Northeast Italian Wines NEW RELEASES 64 Imported tasted: 495 top wines: 43 best buys: 35 70 Imported tasted: 112 top wines: 7 best buys: 11 Total tasted: 2,057 top wines: 212 best buys: 208 W I N E & S P I R I T S A P R I L 2 0 1 2 45

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Wine & Spirits - August 2012
Editor’s Note
Fined & Filtered: Lou Bustamante on cocktails aged in cask and bottle
Spirits: Tonic + Gin Reviewed by Lou Bustamante
North American Riesling
Tapas in the Capital of Cava
Prosecco + Prosciutto
Cirò & La Cucina Calabrese
Summer on the Road in Sonoma
Extreme Values
Tastings Overview
Summer Sparklers
US Riesling
Rías Baixas/Vinho Verde
Greek Wines
Northeast Italian Wines
American New Releases
Imported New Releases
Joshua Greene on moscato’s sweet disruptions

Wine & Spirits - August 2012