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Wine&Spirits WELCOMES YOU TO OUR DIGITAL EDITION & DECEMBER 2013 HOLIDAY ISSUE If you're putting together a shopping list for the holidays, don't miss out on the 2011 Vintage Ports-this is a watershed vintage, with some of the best young wines we've ever tasted out of the Douro. They are reviewed in this issue, along with plenty of 2010 cabernets from Napa Valley; 2006 Barolo Riservas; 2005 Rioja Gran Reservas; vintage Champagnes and German and Alsace rieslings-in other words, everything you might need for drinking, gifting or entertaining this season. Cheers to you this holiday season! Symington Family Estates

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Wine & Spirits - December 2013

Wine & Spirits - December 2013
Editor’s Note
Fined & Filtered
Acid Trips
The Great Whiskey Shortage of 2013
Gadgets and Gi
New Destinations
Where to Eat & Drink in Seattle
Turning Champagne into Wine
Barolo & Formaggio
Douro, No Apologies
Walla Walla Cabernet
The Best for $10 or Less
US Sparkling Wine
US Cabernet Sauvignon
German Riesling
2011 Vintage Port
Barolo & Barbaresco
US New Releases
International New Releases
Wine & Spirits Top 100

Wine & Spirits - December 2013