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Wine&Spirits WELCOMES YOU TO OUR FALL DIGITAL EDITION FALL 2013 SPECIAL ISSUE - PEOPLE, PLACES & TASTE A Walk in the Woods with Lars Norgren A Chef’s Garden in Downtown Napa by Elaine Chukan Brown 1 2 What Aussies Drink at the BYOs of Adelaide by David Brookes 3 10 Join us as we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Top 100 Tasting Event in the Bay Area. 4 10 Santa Barbara’s Best Mexican by Luke Sykora Napa Valley legends — including Heidi Peterson Barrett, Warren Winiarski and Philippe Melka—share stories of the people who influenced their careers. Barolo, Butchers and Beef by Alan Tardi Vinlandia by Katherine Cole Barolo masters Vienna’s Heurigen by Philipp Blom Save the Date Tuesday, October 15, 2013 From 6:30 to 8:30 with a media preview. More details at: FOLLOW US ON A Zen Master in the Santiago Market by Patricio Tapia Mendoza’s Tomeros by Paz Levinson The Good, the Bad and the Malfatti by Wolfgang Weber —from Luca Currado to Alessandro Ceretto and Pietro Colla—recall their mentors and how they learned their land.

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Wine & Spirits - Fall 2013
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Introduction to the Guide: The Five Stages of Enology
The City of Napa
Santa Maria Valley
Alan Tardi
Kerry Newberry, Katherine Cole
Patricio Tapia
Philipp Blom
Joshua Greene
Paz Levenson
Cristina Alcalá
Last Word: Napa Bee Terroir

Wine & Spirits - Fall 2013