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The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) would like to thank The National Peace Corps Association for allowing us to sponsor the Summer edition of WorldView. USAID plays an important role in the Administration’s new, comprehensive strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan by providing vital economic, development and humanitarian assistance to the people in these two countries. In accordance with President Barack Obama’s new U.S. strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, USAID will be growing to carry out parts of the new strategy. USAID plans to increase their civilian presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan over the next few months. Pakistan stands to gain economic assistance, including budget support direct to its government. The strategy also calls for improving the training of Afghan government officials to deliver services and a media campaign to promote the Afghan government’s role in improving living conditions. If you should have an interest in learning more about USAID’s strategy and how to become involved in joining USAID to make the world a better place, visit our website at Best Regards, Thomas B. Davis Chief, Outreach and Marketing

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of WorldView Magazine - Summer 2009

WorldView Magazine - Summer 2009
More Peace Corps Campaign: Better and Bolder!
Africa Rural Connect
Readers Write
You Too Can Be Bill Gates
Taking Peace Corps Back into the Field
Come for the Information, Stay for the Dancing
A “Green” Community Rising
Microfinance Pioneer Receives 2009 Shriver Award
The Colombia Project
A Voice for the Unheard
Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Microfinance Podcasts
Selected Microfinance Resources
Bicycle! Bamenda! Orange!
Luck and Fame
A Step in the Right Direction
Bringing What She Loves
Letter from Botswana: First Tongues of the Kalahari
Letter from Tanzania: Homo Sapien in Africa
In the Beginning (There Was John)
The Peace Corps Community Making a Difference
Community News
Advertiser Index

WorldView Magazine - Summer 2009