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Radiation Applied Radiation and Isotopes Applied Radiation and Isotopes provides a high quality medium for the publication of substantial, original and scientific and technological papers on the development and applications of nuclear, radiation and radionuclide techniques in chemistry, physics, biochemistry, biology, medicine, engineering and in the earth, planetary and environmental sciences. Editors-in-Chief: R. P. Hugtenburg, University College of Swansea, UK Radiation Measurements Radiation Measurements provides a forum for the presentation of the latest developments in the broad field of ionizing radiation detection and measurement and publishes original papers on both fundamental and applied research. Editors-in-Chief: I. Bailiff, Durham University, UK F. d’Errico, Yale University School of Medicine, USA 10 issues per year, ISSN: 13504487 B. E. Zimmerman, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA 12 issues per year, ISSN: 09698043 Radiation Physics and Chemistry Radiation Physics and Chemistry is a multidisciplinary journal that provides a medium for publication of substantial and original papers, reviews, and technical notes which focus on research and developments in radiation physics, radiation chemistry and radiation processing. Editors-in-Chief: C. Chantler, University of Melbourne, Australia A. Miller, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark Only got 5 minutes to read the latest research in physics? Then use ScienceDirect’s Top 25 hottest articles as a quick guide to the top articles in your field. Top 25 is a free service that lists the 25 most downloaded articles on ScienceDirect. Based on quarterly usage data from more than 6,000 institutions worldwide, they provide a strong indicator of what your peers have been reading. Top 25 articles often go on to become highly cited in their field. It is free to use and you can register for e-mail alerts or RSS feeds so you get the lists as soon as they are published! Try it today – and see why 100,000 other scientists rely on the Top 25. L. Wojnárovits, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary 12 issues per year, ISSN: 0969806X 21

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General Physics
Surface Science
Condensed Matter Physics
Nonlinear and Statistical Physics
Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Astronomy and Astrophysics
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