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Surface Science Applied Surface Science Applied Surface Science covers topics contributing to a better understanding of applications of surfaces, interfaces, thin films and other nanostructures. The journal is concerned with scientific research on the atomic and molecular level of properties, determined with multiple surface analytical techniques, as well as the processing and application of these structures. Editors: F. H. P. M. Habraken, Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena The Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena publishes experimental, theoretical and applied work in the field of electron spectroscopy and electronic structure, involving techniques which use high energy photons (>10 eV) or electrons as probes or detected particles in the investigation. Editors-in-Chief: A. P. Hitchcock, McMaster University, Canada N. Kosugi, National Institutes of Natural Sciences, Japan J-J. Pireaux, Université de Namur, Belgium 21 issues per year, ISSN: 03682048 H. Kobayashi, Osaka University, Japan R. L. Opila, University of Delaware, USA H. Rudolph, Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands P. Schaaf, Technische Universität, Ilmenau, Germany S. Suzer, Bilkent, Turkey 24 issues per year, ISSN: 01694332 Micron The aims of Micron are to serve as an interdisciplinary forum for all work which involves the design, application, practice or theory of microscopy and microanalysis. The journal will also publish papers and reports on optical and electron beam systems linked to computer image processing and other image analytical methods. Editors-in-Chief: D. J. H. Cockayne, University of Oxford, UK R. F. Egerton, University of Alberta, Canada J. R. Harris, Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Germany 8 issues per year, ISSN: 0041624X Progress in Surface Science Progress in Surface Science publishes progress reports and review articles by invited authors of international stature. The papers are aimed at surface scientists and cover various aspects of surface science. Papers in the new section Progress Highlights, are more concise and general at the same time, and are aimed at all scientists. Editor-in-Chief: H. Petek, University of Pittsburgh, USA 12 issues per year, ISSN: 00796816 4

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