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Reviewers’ Information Pack Supporting the Peer Review Process 5. SUPPORTING OUR REVIEWERS 5.1. Customer Front End Developed with the input of editors, authors and reviewers, the Elsevier Customer Support online help site provides information and answers to questions on a variety of editorial and production topics. Features include a continuously-growing knowledgebase of information, a powerful search tool, Hot Topics and News sections, comprehensive FAQ lists and a suite of EES Interactive Tutorials. Customers can contact Customer Support from the website via a user friendly ‘Contact Us’ web form or via Live Chat, enabling live and online interaction with our Support team. Telephone contact details for our global Support team are also provided. Customers are encouraged to submit their feedback on the content and format of the help site via the ‘Leave Feedback’ page or the ‘Rate this article’ option available for all items on the website. The help site can be accessed from the Help and Contact Us links on all EES sites or directly at Features of the CFE • Internal and external user access • Dynamic content creation and system development • Powerful search tool • Live Chat function • User friendly ‘contact us’ web form • Comprehensive FAQs • Solution Finders • ‘Rate this article’ option for customers 12

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Reviewers' Information Pack

Reviewers' Information Pack
About Elsevier
1.1 A Short History of Elsevier
About Peer Review
2.1. What is Peer Review?
2.2. Who Are Reviewers?
2.3. Why Reviewers Review?
2.4. Peer Review Process
2.5. Types of Peer Review
Duties of Reviewers
3.1. Contribution to Editorial Decisions
3.2. Promptness
3.3. Confidentiality
3.4. Standards of Objectivity
3.5. Acknowledgement of Sources
3.6. Disclosure and Conflict of Interest
3.7. Adherence to Elsevier Publishing Ethics
Peer Review System
4.1. The EES
4.2. Tools to Help
Supporting Our Reviewers
5.1. Customer Front End
Listening to our Reviewers
6.1 Reviewer Feedback Programme
6.2. Reviewers’ Home
A Brief Guide to Reviewing
7.1. Purpose of Peer Review
7.2. On Being Asked To Review
7.3. Conducting The Review
7.4. Communicating Your Report To The Editor

Reviewers' Information Pack