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Reviewers’ Information Pack Supporting the Peer Review Process 4. PEER REVIEW SYSTEM 4.1. The EES Many of Elsevier’s journals use the Elsevier Editorial System (EES) for managing the submission and peer review process. The Elsevier Editorial System, or EES, is an online system to help authors, editors and reviewers throughout the submission, peer review and editorial process. Editors and Managing Editors use the system to communicate with the author(s) and reviewers. EES ensures a seamless flow from article submission, through peer review, all the way to publication. For Reviewers, EES offers a range of benefits, including: • Complimentary 30-day access to Scopus as a reward, and also to help facilitate your review • Straightforward sign-up after you have been invited to review; • Online support, provided throughout the peer review process; • Simple and fast submission of your review; • A system that is available 24/7, is fast, robust and reliable, and, most importantly, easy to use; • The ability to track the status of your review, and to keep track of the deadline for submitting your review; • A knowledgeable Help Desk to resolve your queries and answer your questions about the system. • Electronic storage of correspondence and data for each submission and regular back-ups by Elsevier’s secure servers. There is no longer a need for paper files, and the electronic system is faster and more environmentally friendly than paper systems. A unique feature of EES: all reviewers have access to the abstracts of the articles referenced in the paper under review! This is facilitated through Elsevier’s Scopus platform. For more help and information, you can also utilize Elsevier’s EES Interactive Tutorials. 8

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Reviewers' Information Pack

Reviewers' Information Pack
About Elsevier
1.1 A Short History of Elsevier
About Peer Review
2.1. What is Peer Review?
2.2. Who Are Reviewers?
2.3. Why Reviewers Review?
2.4. Peer Review Process
2.5. Types of Peer Review
Duties of Reviewers
3.1. Contribution to Editorial Decisions
3.2. Promptness
3.3. Confidentiality
3.4. Standards of Objectivity
3.5. Acknowledgement of Sources
3.6. Disclosure and Conflict of Interest
3.7. Adherence to Elsevier Publishing Ethics
Peer Review System
4.1. The EES
4.2. Tools to Help
Supporting Our Reviewers
5.1. Customer Front End
Listening to our Reviewers
6.1 Reviewer Feedback Programme
6.2. Reviewers’ Home
A Brief Guide to Reviewing
7.1. Purpose of Peer Review
7.2. On Being Asked To Review
7.3. Conducting The Review
7.4. Communicating Your Report To The Editor

Reviewers' Information Pack