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Appliance Shopping
Experience the difference with Martin Appliance.
Martin Appliance is independently owned & operated by the
Martin family and has been serving our local communities
since 1973. The experience is the difference.
When a customer enters our store, they are greeted with
a smile and a warm welcome. We believe in building long
lasting relationships more than " getting the sale. " Today,
consumers have many options when it comes to purchasing
appliances, but few offer the attention to detail, personalized
service, expert advice, certifi ed service technicians and
professional installation teams. All of which include a white
glove service. Martin Appliance employs over 200 individuals
who are fully committed to ensure that each customer is
treated with the respect you and your home deserve.
reasons why a discriminating shopper will choose a a locallyowned
appliance store.
First off, while the pricing may be attractive, the biggies have
a very narrow s lection from which to choose. Here at Martin
Appliance, we offer a wide assortment of brands and models
and our experienced sales team has the knowledge and
experience necessary to help you make an informed selection
based on your needs. And given the cost of new appliances-
regardless of where they are purchased-they are too big of a
purchase to take lightly. Visit any one of our showrooms and
see for yourself the diffence in selection options as well as the
" More for less " is what our customers have said. At Martin
Appliance not only will you experience great service, but
level of sales assistance.
Another VERY important consideration in appliance shopping is
installation and service after the sale. Since 1973 we've been
serving Lancaster and surrounding counties and have earned
a stellar reputation for providing outstanding in-store as well
as at-home service. In fact, along with our water conditioning
operations we feature the area's largest service departments
in the area. As for our reputation, here are a few customer
you will also fi nd that we provide a great value for your
investment. Our purchasing Team is dedicated to pricing
products that easily compete with the box stores. Looking
for a great deal? You will also fi nd a nice selection of scratch
and dent appliances as well.
At Martin Appliance we hope your experience is one that
you will share with your family, friends, and neighbors. We
are fully committed to an Excellent Customer Experience!
Visit one of our locations in Myerstown, Cleona, Reading,
Brownstown, Ephrata, New Providence, and Altoona.
I'll look nowhere else but Martins for an appliance. My dryer
needed replaced and with the help of the very knowledgeable
Joe I found the perfect dryer that fit all my needs. Joe was very
kind and patient answering all of my questions and I never felt
pressured to buy unlike my experience at the big box stores.
Nevin and Kelton delivered and installed the new dryer. After
installing the dryer Nevin explained how to use all the options
which saved me from reading the manual. I'll be returning to
Martin's for all my appliance purchases because from start to
finish they are the best.
Another EXCEPTIONAL Martin Appliance experience!
Martin Appliance is CONSISTENTLY EXCELLENT. We have
been customers for about 20 years and for all appliances and
service. - Rick Z.
After stepping on an open dishwasher door, we were
concerned about any leaking due door not closing. Having
used Martins for many years, the call went out for help. In a
few days Kelvin showed up, fixed the problem with both hinges
replaced. Not
only did he fix the
problem, but was
very helpful in
explaining various
tips on using the
With so many great bargains to be had at the BIG BOX stores, why
should I consider shopping at a locally-owned appliance store?
While there's no denying that
the big box stores can offer
items at a discounted price,
there are a number of very good
Great experience!! Thank you Martin's Appliance!
We recently replaced all of our kitchen appliances. We had a
great experience from our sales associate to the technicians
that installed them. - Corinne S.
Purchase and Service TOP NOTCH!!
I could not be happier with Martins Appliance! I recently
purchased in Altoona, a stove, microwave, and dishwasher.
Scheduling install was a breeze and the techs were AWESOME!!!
- Sue H.
Karl & Tim
installed a dish
washer and a gas cooktop with downdraft. They were on time,
professional and very neat. I love dealing with Martin Appliance
and will continue to do so as well as recommending them to
family and friends.
As you may have concluded, our entire team takes great
pride in the customer service we provide in the store as well
as in your home. Visit any one of our locations and let us
demonstrate to you the many advantages of shopping local!
Simply The Best
Martin's Appliance always provides an excellent customer
experience from purchase through installation. Joel and
Dustin installed our Subzero and Wolf appliances and were
professional and pleasant throughout the entire process.
- Jean W.
With over 45 years
of experience,
we bring you QUALITY PRODUCT
SELECTIONS and a reputation for
Altoona * Brownstown * Cleona * Ephrata * Myerstown * New Providence * Reading I martinsappliance.com

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