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Quality, Service, and Reliablility
Our Tradition!
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For over 49 years, Middle Creek Builders has specialized in custom home
building and quality home renovations! Our goal is to build truly unique
homes that far exceed the homeowner's expectations!
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291 Wabash Road, Ephrata, PA 17522
ph 717.733.4601 ~ fx 717.733.7432
Middle Creek Builders is a family-owned and operated business, started in
1974 by Walter Bollinger Jr. From the beginning, Walter focused on quality
custom home construction, tailoring his business to the unique needs of his
customers. Not surprisingly, his hands-on approach and dedication to quality
soon earned him a solid reputation in the industry.
In subsequent years, Middle Creek Builders incorporated and Walter's sons,
Darryl and Duane, joined the business. Together, they continued the tradition
of providing quality hands-on service to their customers with custom
homes, renovations, additions and light commercial work to their growing
list of services.
From the top, left to right: Dalton Bollinger, Darryl Bollinger, George Haines,
Duane Bollinger, Walter Bollinger, Daulton Smith, Sheila Bollinger
Today, over 80% of Middle Creek Builders' business comes from referrals-
satisfied customers who have recommended their services to family and
friends. With over 49 years of experience and a list of quality sub-contractors,
Middle Creek Builders continues to help homeowners re-invent their
homes and build their dreams!
Darryl Bollinger - Owner. Darryl has been building and renovating
homes for over 39 years. In 1990, Darryl became invested in
Middle Creek Builders as co-owner. He has been actively helping
to grow the business ever since. Darryl lives in Lititz with his wife,
Tammy, of 34 years and daughter Brynn (17). Darryl and Tammy
also have three married children Megan (31), Dalton (29), Lauren
(26) and 3 grandsons. As member of the Middle Creek Church,
he has served on the Church Board of Trustees for over 26 years
and teaches the young adult Sunday school class. Both Darryl &
Tammy serve as mentors for the Middle Creek Church College &
Career singles group. Darryl has also served in the mission fields
in Haiti and Jamaica. During his down time, Darryl enjoys four
wheeling, hunting, fishing, watching football, traveling, reading,
and spending time with his family.
Duane Bollinger - Owner. Duane has worked for over 30 years
building quality homes and working on extensive renovation
projects. In 2008, he became a co-owner in the family business.
Duane lives in Ephrata with his wife Jennifer of 23 years, daughter
Aubrie (19) and son Carter (16). Duane attends Petra Church.
Duane and his wife volunteer in the Petra Kids Ministry. When
he's not working out the details of their latest home building
project, Duane enjoys woodworking, hunting, watching football
and basketball.
Walter Bollinger Jr. - Founder. Walter built quality homes for
over 42 years. He started Middle Creek Builders in 1974 with a
focus on quality home construction and has watched the familyowned
business grow with the help of his sons, Darryl and Duane.
Walter has 2 additional married children, Kevin and Kylene. He
and his wife Betty have been married for 56 years and have 13
grandchildren and 3 great-grandsons. Walter and Betty actively
attend LCBC Church in Manheim. In his retirement, Walter enjoys
fishing, the outdoors, spending time with his family and traveling.
Dalton Bollinger - Project Manager. Dalton has been employed
at Middle Creek Builders for 10 years since graduating
from high school. He lives in Ephrata with his wife, Sheila, and
two sons. Dalton and Sheila attend Middle Creek Church and
are active in the Young Adult Sunday School class. He is also
a member of the Church Board of Trustees. Dalton is an avid
Whitetail hunter and enjoys everything related to hunting and
the outdoors. When he isn't hunting, you will find Dalton renovating
his own home, watching sports, and spending time with
Sheila Bollinger - Office Manager. Sheila has been employed
at Middle Creek Builders for 6 years. She is married to Dalton
and lives in Ephrata with their 2 sons. Sheila, along with her
husband Dalton, attend Middle Creek Church and are active in
their Young Adult Sunday School class. She is also involved with
the Women's Ministry and Children's Musical. She loves being a
mother. In her spare time, she also enjoys taking walks, reading
a good book, watching sports and spending time with family.
Daulton Smith - Carpenter. Daulton has been employed at
Middle Creek Builders for 2 years. He joined our team after
graduating from high school and the CTC Lancaster Residential
Carpentry Program. When he's not working, Daulton enjoys
spending time fishing, skiing, wood working and going to the
George Haines - Carpenter. George is the newest member to
join our team. He is married to Kelsey and lives in Lititz. George
and Kelsey attend Middle Creek Church and serve as a volunteer
English as a Second Language teachers. He has a degree
from Lancaster Bible College. George enjoys biking, hiking,
board games, and taking road trips to visit family and vacation

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