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Figure 3 The SmithsonMartin Emulator DVS DJ System is a transparent mixing desk that allows the audience to see the DJ through the mixing panel. Cameras in the corners can track finger movement, enabling the display. state machines. The controller chip also manages as many as four capacitive touchpads for realizing keypads, rotary dials, and linear sliders. As a part of Freescale’s Ready Play offer- ings, the CRTouch chip offers turnkey software integration with both Android and Linux operating systems. The chip also offers configurable screen resolution and optional calibration and pressure detection for stylus inputs to resistive touchscreens. Partially to reduce costs, Amazon used infrared touch sensors on the Kindle Touch. The Touch reader has a black-and-white e-ink display that benefits from the lack of an ITO layer between it and the viewer. The screen instead relies on infrared sensors in the bezel that detect when a finger breaks the IR beam. The display can respond to multitouch pinching motions, which it uses to cue zoom or shrink on PDFs, but is incapable of the more elaborate multitouch gestures of smartphones (Reference 3). Your question: Why accurately adjustable trigger hysteresis? Our answer: For optimum trigger sensitivity. The R&S®RTO oscilloscope‘s digital trigger system allows the user to adjust the trigger hysteresis in order to match the trigger sensitivity to the characteristics of each signal. The result is stable and reliable triggering. For more information, visit: www.scope-of-the-art.com/ad/faq-trig when they are run at their resonant frequency. due to their springmounted assembly, however, the spring constant of the system can change through a variety of internal and external variables. This problem may seem insignificant. if the system doesn’t operate at the resonant frequency, however, the system cannot achieve the maximum efficiency of power and maximum strength of acceleration. Piezoelectric actuation is a relatively new method of haptic feedback. it leverages the principles of piezoelectricity in ceramic materials, in which there is a relationship to voltages within an object and their current shape. however, instead of bending a device to find a change in voltage, the opposite occurs. An applied voltage causes a change in the natural state of the actuator. Piezoelectric actuation offers more robust performance than the other two technologies. it is the only haptic technique in which you can initialize localized haptics—that is, when only one area of a device feels the haptic effect. in whole-body haptics, on the other hand, the entire device feels the effect. Think about being able to feel an effect under only one finger versus feeling an entire device shake in your pocket. Piezoelectric haptics can enable that effect. it also features more options for effects and a response time of less than 1 msec, which means that you can execute 30 to 80 effects in the time it takes you to execute one with an ErM. The bandwidth of piezoelectric actuation is also better than that of its inertial counterparts, and, therefore, it can seamlessly re-create the feeling of pressing a mechanical button. haptic effects’ added value to a device are well worth their price when you compare them with the minor cost to the system—especially when many of the key target markets already use the components. haptics is a great way to increase user satisfaction, showcase product differentiation, and further bridge the gap between human and machine interaction. rEfErENCE “What is Haptics? A Q&A with TI’s Haptics Team,” Texas Instruments, July 14, 2011, http://bit.ly/GHlFUP . A AuThor’s BioGrAPhy Eric Siegel is a product-marketing engineer for touchscreen controllers and haptic devices at Texas Instruments. www.edn-europe.com June 2012 | EDN EUROPE 39 http://www.scope-of-the-art.com/ad/faq-trig http://www.bit.ly/GHlFUP http://www.edn-europe.com

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