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contents february13 VoICe oF tHe enGIneer RENEW NOW o to tion, g bscrip enewal, /r free su r your urope.com me and Fo dn-e y na www.e your famil r number enter (the reade ) and e ail ID cod on our em subquoted t the online . ou fill on form scripti Hot technologies: trends to watch in 2013 20 d e pa r t m e n t s & Columns 7  EDN.comment: Has the EV stalled? 14 Signal Integrity: Ground loops 16 Test & Measurement World: An economy low-noise instrumentation preamp 19 Mechatronics in Design: Automatic code generation and Arduino 50 Tales from the Cube: Out-of-spec problem with a long tail product roundup 48 RF components; HV differential scope probe 2012 certainly saw its share of high-profile technology news, but there was also much more happening on the technology front. In our annual review of the electronics world, EDN editors and guest contributors examine some of the hot trends and technologies that emerged in 2012 and that will shape this year’s technology news. Hot 100 products of 2012 33 EDN’s technical editors each year cover thousands of products, so it takes something special for a product to stand out from the pack. The offerings listed here did just that, warranting their inclusion in this year’s edition of EDN’s Hot 100 products. Add LED intelligence to improve light quality, efficiency, and cost 38 Moving to digital control lets OEMs deploy a single controller to drive a large portfolio of end products, opening up design flexibility and bringing new levels of intelligence and differentiation to lighting installations. by Patrick Carner, Texas Instruments AC MAINS AC RECTIFIER PFC STAGE DC/DC STAGE .... LED STRINGS CONTROL STAGES � COMMS D e s i g n Id e a s 3 R3 470k 2 C1 + 1 μF 12V SOLENOID D1 IN4001 1 7 12 R1 10k 12V + S1 ON/OFF SWITCH R2 4.7k Q1 TIP122 + C6 0.1 μF 16 13 RA VDD RB RCA CA QA TRB IC1 CD4538 RCB R4 100k 14 + C3 CB 15 VSS 8 TRA D3 C81-004 12V 12V C 2 + 0.1 μF 4 QA TRA 6 5 TRB QB QB D2 11 9 10 12V 1 μF R5 1.8k 7 DIS R6 3.9k C4 12 nF D4 MUR460 IC2 LM555 2 TR R7 1k C7 D5 1 μF/35V MUR460 Q THR 6 VC −V R 5 1 4 C5 10 nF 43 Linear and switcher LED supplies combine, overcome disadvantages of each topology Q2 TIP42C 8 V 3 + R8 100 45 Photo meter assesses ambient light + C8 2200 μF/35V Q3 BC547B 46 Booster circuit enables reliable solenoid operation R9 10k 2 EDN EUROPE | February 2013 EDNMS4448 Fig 1.eps www.edn-europe.com DIANE http://www.edn-europe.com/renewal http://www.edn-europe.com

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of EDNE February 2013

RS Components
Agilent Technologies
Maxim Integrated
Signal Integrity
Mesago SMT 2013
Test & Measurement World
Rohde & Schwarz
Mesago PCIM 2013
Mechatronics in Design
Hot technologies: trends to watch in 2013
Hot 100 products of 2012
Add LED intelligence to improve light quality, efficiency, and cost
Design Ideas
Product roundup
Tales from the Cube

EDNE February 2013