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productroundup High-efficiency stepper motor driver  ON Semiconductor’s LV8702V is a stepper motor driver IC for office automation equipment applications such as copiers, scanners and multi-function printers. It achieves no-load power consumption savings of up to 80% and a reduction in peak motor current of approximately 77%, cutting heat generation, vibration and noise from the motor in applications such as positioning control in printers. Surface temperatures of the driver IC and the motor are decreased by up to 46°C and 28°C respectively, reducing the need for cooling fans. The LV8702V detects motor condition through driver waveform monitoring; power consumption is reduced by automatically reducing the current value according to the rotation speed or load of the motor. The new device has an operating voltage range of 9 - 32V. Protection features include output short protection, a thermal shutdown function and a step-out detection function. It comes in a SSOP44J package measuring 5.6 x 15.0 mm and costs $6.00 (2,000). ON Semiconductor, www.onsemi.com High bandwidth/voltage scope probes  Rohde & Schwarz has introduced a broadband, ground-referenced oscilloscope probe with a range up to 6 GHz. A differential high-voltage probe is also available. The R&S RT-ZS60 active voltage probe is intended for any task requiring ground-referenced measurements of signal integrity, including tests on fast interfaces such as DDR memory modules. It is a compact, ground-referenced 6 GHz probe with low loading of the test point (1 MΩ, 0.3 pF) for both DC as well as high frequencies in addition to its minimal noise (2 mV RMS) and high linearity (70 dB THD). The frequency-independent and high dynamic range of +/- 8 V also makes it possible to perform measurements on very fast signals with large amplitudes. Xilinx’ Vivado software: WebPACK edition  Xilinx has announced that its Vivado Design Suite is now available in a WebPACK Edition, giving designers immediate access to a no cost, device-limited version of the “SoC strength” design environment. Offered with the 2012.4 release of 48 EDN EUROPE | february 2013 For automotive, power or medical technology applications, the R&S RT-ZD01 active differential high-voltage probe has a selectable measurement range, which provides the ideal dynamic range with its maximum measurement voltage of 1 kV (RMS), with certification for the CAT III safety rating. For measurements on differential signals, the R&S RT-ZD01 offers high precision with common mode rejection ratio of –80 dB. High power RF capacitors  A series of high power RF capacitors offers high stability with extended temperature operation. Manufactured from Morgan Technical Ceramics’ K36 and K77 dielectric materials, the capacitors are suitable for use in equipment that demands a very low capacitance drift including medical imaging systems such as MRI scanners, plasma generation, and high stability radio broadcast transmitters. The capacitors are non-magnetic and are therefore suitable for use in applications with high magnetic fields, and demonstrate low electrical loss, which allows for high RF reactive power load rating. They have a high dielectric strength, and allow the design of systems that will require less compensation circuitry. Morgan Technical Ceramics has the ability to manufacture large volumes of the new high power RF capacitors in a variety of forms including; discs, small shells or tubes, and large tubular shapes. Different connection types are available. Morgan Technical Ceramics, www.morgantechnicalceramics.com & Schwarz, www.rohde-schwarz.com Rohde the Vivado Design Suite, WebPACK Edition provides the same IP and system-centric design flows of the Vivado Design Suite Design edition that speeds implementation by a claimed four times. The Vivado Design Suite, WebPACK Edition is a free download that provides support for Artix-7 100T and 200T and Kintex-7 70T and 160T devices. The Vivado Design Suite, Design Edition is available at no additional cost to in-warranty ISE Design Suite, Logic Edition and Embedded Edition customers, and Vivado Design Suite, System Edition with Vivado High-Level Synthesis is available at no additional cost to ISE Design Suite DSP and System Edition customers. Xilinx, www.xilinx.com www.edn-europe.com http://www.onsemi.com http://www.morgantechnicalceramics.com http://www.rohde-schwarz.com http://www.xilinx.com http://www.edn-europe.com

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