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pulse INNOVATIONS & INNOVATORS Digital supply-power meters offer precision over wide range I ntroducing its latest range of digi- a wide measurement range from standby age, current, power, harmonic content, and tal power meters – meters, that is, for power levels of a few milliamperes up to total harmonic distortion (available on a measurement of electric power sup- the 40 A currents used in induction cook- 100-msec cycle) simultaneously. plied to equipment – Yokogawa cites the ers, and the units have flexibility to enThe guaranteed accuracy of the many studies that estimate that a signifi- able users to target different technical new power meters is underpinned by cant fraction of total electrical power gen- and commercial applications. You can in- Yokogawa’s own European standards laberated is used only to run standby func- tegrate the power meters into laboratory oratory at its European headquarters in tions. And, in the face of increasingly strin- test benches or automated test set-ups on The Netherlands. This facility, the compagent regulatory frameworks to limit that production lines. USB and GPIB or RS232 ny says, is the only industrial (i.e. non-govstandby power, how the engineering com- is fitted as standard, and Ethernet is avail- ernment or national) organisation to offer munity requires more accurate instruments able as an option. traceable power calibration, to national to develop products that and international stancan be guaranteed to dards, at frequencies up meet those standards. to 100 kHz: a requireThe new WT300 sement for higher harmonries of digital power meic measurements speciters are the fifth generafied in quality standards tion of Yokogawa’s comsuch as ISO9000. pact digital power meter Other features of the for measuring the power new instruments inconsumption of electriclude a fourth, selectcal equipment. As well able, parameter display, as the low-power, standa bandwidth of DC and by – sub-1W – accu0.5 Hz to 100 kHz (up racy aspect, Yokogawa to 20 kHz for 40A on positions the new sethe WT310HC), plus ries as providing accuan auto-range function racy and speed of re- The WT300 series is Yokogawa’s fifth generation of power meters for the mainsfor measurement and sponse over their en- supply-measurement function. integration. Software is tire range, so that the also available for testsame level of detail is available when In addition to standard power mea- ing equipment compliance to industry enyou are measuring the current drawn surements, the new meters offer a ergy-saving standards such as IEC62301 by an induction cooker at tens of amps. wide range of harmonic measurement Ed2.0 and IEC62018 for standby mode The instruments also feature uprated capabilities, including the ability to carry equipment or for dealing with wavespecifications in terms of their communi- out simultaneous measurement of normal forms having a crest factor of 5 or more. cations interfaces, and in characterising power parameters such as RMS, mean or Pricing is from €2,500 to 7,500. power waveform harmonic content. DC power along with measurement of harBasic accuracy is of 0.1% of reading; monics up to the 50th order. As a result, —by Graham Prophet accuracy is guaranteed over the entire overall measurement times are reduced. Yokogawa, measurement range (from 1% to 130%), You can obtain all measured values – volt- www.tmi.yokogawa.com 8 EDN EUROPE | February 2013 www.edn-europe.com http://www.tmi.yokogawa.com http://www.edn-europe.com

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