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When times are easy, we can often forget how crucial this
commitment to daily ethical choices is. But these last few years
have shown us when a company practices ethical behavior, it
creates a powerful bond of trust that allows an organization to
weather tough challenges. On the other hand, businesses without
solid ethical practices in place - or without practical guidance of
what ethics looks like on a daily basis - often create an unstable
and stressful environment for employees and the community.
- Dr. Scott Snyder, Director of Consulting
Join us for our 2023 Ethics In Business
Awards Program and an educational
experience on Corporate Responsibility
Speaker: Andy Fastow
Former CFO of Enron
Speaker: Sherron Watkins
Whistleblower of Enron
Venue: Franklin and Marshall
College - Lancaster, PA
Date: Thursday, October 26, 2023
Speakers: Andy Fastow, the former Chief Financial Officer
of Enron, and Sherron Watkins, former Vice President of
Corporate Development and one of the whistleblowers of the
Enron scandal.
In 2023, Ethics in Business will be refreshed through a unique
partnership with Franklin & Marshall College. The program
will provide a free, educational experience for F&M students
and the community, both through an on-campus community
invited event and by utilizing students in the " Corporate
Responsibility " course to assist in the vetting process of
Samaritan's Ethics in Business nominees.
The free community event will be a morning program on
October 26th
at Franklin and Marshall College which will
* A short awards program honoring the nominees and
announcing the award recipient of the Ethics in Business
Awards Program.
* " Rules vs. Principle, " a keynote from Andy Fastow, the
former Chief Financial Officer of Enron Corp., about his
own story and how he made such profound mistakes.
* A meet-and-greet with the speaker, sponsors, and faculty.
* " The Courage of Your Convictions, " a keynote from
Sherron Watkins, the whistleblower of Enron.
The speakers at this year's Ethics in Business program bring a
unique experience and story from their days at Enron. It will
be one of the first times they will be presenting together at the
same venue.
Andy Fastow was the Chief Financial
Officer of Enron Corp. from 1998 - 2001.
In 2004, after the company's unethical
practices led to its downfall, he pled guilty
to two counts of securities fraud, and was
sentenced to six years in federal prison. He
completed his sentence in 2011, and now
lives with his family in Houston, Texas.
Andy currently provides litigation support
at a law firm, and he consults with directors, attorneys, and
hedge funds on how best to identify potentially critical finance,
accounting, compensation and cultural issues. Since his release
from prison, Andy has been a guest lecturer at universities and
corporations, and at conferences for management, corporate
directors, attorneys, accountants and certified fraud examiners.
Andy was recently keynote speaker at the United Nations'
Principles of Responsible Management Education Conference,
the FBI's Advanced Financial Crimes Seminar, the Association
of Certified Fraud Examiners Annual Conference, the
American Accounting Association Annual Conference, and
the Financial Times' Outstanding Directors Conference.
Sherron Watkins has been lauded
in the press for her courageous actions.
TIME magazine named Sherron, along with
two others -- Coleen Rowley of the FBI and
Cynthia Cooper of WorldCom -- as their
2002 Persons of the Year, for being " people
who did right just by doing their jobs
rightly. " TIME magazine concluded that,
" Democratic capitalism requires that people
trust in the integrity of public and private institutions alike.
As whistle-blowers, these three became fail-safe systems that
did not fail. For believing - really believing -that the truth
is one thing that must not be moved off the books, and for
stepping in to make sure that it wasn't, they have been chosen
by TIME as its Persons of the Year for 2002. "
This year's program will be open to the community and be
free to all who wish to attend. This is made possible through
the sponsorships available for the 2023 event. There are a
variety of ways to sponsor and different levels, from corporate
to individual. And in alignment with Samaritan's mission
of 'healthy minds and strong communities', all proceeds from
the sponsorship will go back to the Counseling Center to
subsidize therapy sessions for those in the community who
could otherwise not afford it. If the goals of the sponsorship
commitments are met, we will be able to support over 750
counseling sessions.
If you are interested in sponsoring, please go to https://scclanc.org/
business-consulting/ethics-in-business/ or contact Anita Hanna, Director
of Development or Dr Scott Snyder, Director of Consulting via info.sbc@
E very part of Samaritan Center connects back to our mission to empower
people and organizations. One way we live this mission internally is by directing
profits from our revenue-generating service lines back into our donor-funded
programs. Services and classes provided by Samaritan Consulting Group and
Congregation & Clergy Consulting service lines provide supplemental support
to donor-funded programs such as subsidizing sessions for individuals through
the Counseling Center and screenings through TeenHope. Learn more about
our consulting service lines by visiting our website and consider how working
with Samaritan at any level ultimately reinvests dollars back into empowering
the people and organizations in our community.
https://scclanc.org/business-consulting/ethics-in-business/ https://scclanc.org/business-consulting/ethics-in-business/

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