2022 Annual Impact Report - 17

Taking care of our neighbors
today and tomorrow...
Barbara and Bruce Holran spent their lives acting locally
to make the Lancaster community a better place to live, learn,
and grow.
Barbara, a nurse, was raised by a landscaper and grew up
appreciating trees. Bruce, a public relations man, believed
in civic duty. From childhood walks and picnics in the
woods near Lititz, to family vacations and hikes in the Adirondack Mountains,
they developed a deep appreciation of our natural landscape and the importance of
preservation. Another fundamental piece of their outreach is their faith and taking
care of our neighbors.
Recently, the Holran-Himes
family met with Steve Schedler
and Anita Hanna of Samaritan
at the Lancaster County
Community Foundation to honor
Barbara and Bruce. They shared
beloved family stories, and then
informed Samaritan that the
Charitable Remainder Trust
Barbara and Bruce established
30 years ago would be disbursed
to the benefit of 14 nonprofit
organizations, including the
Samaritan Counseling Center.
Samaritan Legacy Circle
Samaritan Counseling Center has
been blessed with a generous community
and family of supporters. Many of these
supporters now want to sustain the
mission of Samaritan well into the future.
The Samaritan Legacy Circle is a way for
Samaritan to honor those generous people
who have established planned gifts and to
encourage others to provide the same type
of long term support.
Pictured from Left to Right: Anita Hanna, Steve Schedler,
Claudia Himes, Jeff Himes, Jill Holran Kurash,
Peter Holran; and Elizabeth Holran.
This gift, through the Lancaster County Community Foundation, will provide a
perpetual revenue stream for Samaritan Counseling Center.
Throughout the life of the Samaritan Center, Bruce and Barbara were friends
and supporters. Samaritan's Founding Executive Director, Jim Hanna, remembers
Bruce, " When I think of Bruce, I remember a true friend and trusted advisor. Bruce
had the rare ability to be both emotionally connected to the people and projects in
which he was involved and the ability to be an objective advisor when decisions had
to be made. During the startup of the Samaritan Center and throughout my tenure
as Executive Director, I often relied on Bruce as a close friend and trusted advisor. "
Both Bruce and Barbara began supporting Samaritan in the early days of the life
of the center. Barbara was a strong supporter of the Silent Samaritans - donating to
the cause even when she could not attend the luncheon. She also volunteered her
time personalizing and preparing invitation letters to be mailed. Bruce was a part of
the group of Highland members who envisioned the Samaritan Center. He served
on the Board of Directors and numerous committees. Most notably, he served on
the Development Committee for many years and on the initial Steering Committee
for the Ethics in Business Program. Bruce and Barbara were also early members
of Samaritan's Legacy Circle and were our first Samaritan Champions (monthly
Barbara and Bruce Holran's lives not only were rich in experience, but their
savings grew to benefit their passions beyond what they ever imagined. The breadth
of the Holran's giving is an honor to their lives and their families.
If you desire to make an Endowment or Legacy Gift to Samaritan, there are
ways to give that will consider your personal current and future circumstances, your
family, and the needs of your heirs. The Lancaster County Community Foundation
can help guide you with gifts of bequest, charitable IRA distributions, gift annuities,
life insurance, stock, or cash gifts. You can also call Anita Hanna, Samaritan
Center's Director of Development, at
(717) 560-9969 for more information.
How can you become part of
Samaritan's Legacy Circle?
You can become part of the Legacy
Circle by making any form of a planned
gift to Samaritan. A planned gift is a gift
that is part of an estate plan. A planned
gift may be made during a donor's lifetime
or it can be given upon the donor's death.
A planned gift may be unrestricted for
Samaritan's use where the need is greatest
or designated for a particular purpose. It
can also be made in honor or memory of a
loved one.
There are many ways to create a
planned gift. Some of these options
* A bequest through a will
* A beneficiary designation for an
IRA contribution or retirement plan
* An allocation of life insurance
All gifts, large and small, will be
greatly valued by Samaritan. There are
many ways to create a legacy and benefit
Samaritan Counseling Center, while
also meeting your financial needs. For
more information, please contact Anita
Hanna, Director of Development, at
(717) 560-9969, extension 244, or by
email at ahanna@scclanc.org. As always,
we strongly encourage you to consult your
own financial advisor to determine which
gift vehicle is right for you.

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