2022 Annual Impact Report - 3

Letter from Past Board Chair
Bob Thomas
I am pleased to report 2022 proved to be very good for
The Samaritan Counseling Center. Among Samaritan's
notable achievements, the clinical staff provided more
counseling sessions for clients than in any year in the
Center's history! Today more individuals, couples, children
and families benefit from their assistance than ever before.
Samaritan's consulting services group secured new leadership, began
implementing a new strategic plan, renamed/branded itself as Samaritan
Consulting Group and had its most successful year since 2019.
A group of staff and board members collaborated to develop a Diversity, Equity
and Inclusion plan that will strengthen Samaritan's ability to engage with and
serve the diverse community of Lancaster County.
These achievements and progress bode very well indeed for Samaritan's capacity
to serve our community in the years to come.
One additional decision the Board of Directors made in the past year pertains to the
name of our organization. Please see the announcement to this matter on pages 4 and 5
of this report.
Three members of our Board of Directors completed their service to Samaritan
this year - Cathy Gelatka who served for three years as Chair of the Board's
Development Committee, Jodie Reinhart who was a Board member for 6 years
including two years as Chair and Wes Neumann who was a member for nine
years including service the last three as Treasurer. We are grateful to these three
members for their dedication and commitment to fulfilling Samaritan's mission.
2022 was also the second year of my two year term as Chair of the Board. I have
been grateful for this opportunity to serve Samaritan and for the support I have
received from Board members and staff.
Jamie Rowley, a Board member for the past four years and Vice Chair for the
past two, becomes Chair in the New Ye ar. With his commitment to Samaritan's
mission and his experience on Samaritan's Board, I am certain he will do an
excellent job in his new role.
Bob Thomas
Bob Thomas
Former Chair, Board of Directors
Welcome our new Board Chair: Jamie Rowley
The past two years have been very productive under the
leadership of Bob Thomas as Board Chair. As you read
Bob's comments regarding the accomplishments of last year
alone, it's very apparent the Samaritan Counseling Center
continues to serve our community fulfilling its mission.
I am honored to follow in Bob's footsteps as Chair of the
Samaritan Counseling Center. In the next few years, we
want to continue to build a diverse board and staff that will
be able to continue to serve a growing diverse community.
We have an outstanding group of team members at the Center. To maintain
excellent team members, we must continue to create a positive work culture for
people to perform and grow professionally. With the competent leadership of our
Executive D irector, Steve Schedler, we also plan to bring our internal technology
up to speed to better serve our clients and the community in general.
Jamie Rowley
Chair, Board of Directors
Jamie Rowley
2022 Board of
Directors and Staff
Robert Thomas, Chair
James Rowley, Vice Chair
Wes Neumann, Treasurer
Sarah Teichmann, Secretary
Alejandro Amill-Rosario
Dan Falvey
Cathy Gelatka
R. Nick Hernandez
Karen Horsey
Jodi Kreider
Andrew Mead
Jeremy Nesmith
Nick Paulukow
Jodie Reinhart
Steven Schedler
Melissa A. Tribuzio
Steve Welch
2022 Clinical Staff
Kristen Bascelli, MS, LPC, Therapist
Andrew Bland, PhD, Licensed Psychologist
Bruce Eyer, MS, Licensed Psychologist
Mary Frey, MS, LPC, Therapist
Carol Glover, LCSW, Therapist
Karen Gray, MA, LPC, Therapist
Shelby Hardy, PhD, Licensed Psychologist
Lesley Huff, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist
Judy Jakubowicz, MA, LPC, Therapist
Elizabeth Jones, MA, LPC, Therapist
Ellen Kanagy, LCSW, Therapist
Judith Kennedy, MS, MA, NCC, Therapist
Renee Kurz, LPC, BC-DMT, Therapist & Board Certified
Dance Movement Therapist
Britany Miley-Anderson, MA, LPC, Therapist
Deborah Miller, MA, LPC, Therapist
Joanne Rohrer Morton, LSW, Therapist
Beth Mull, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist
Serenity Patrick, MA, NCC, LMFT, LPC, Therapist
Rebecca Sanstead, LSW, Therapist
Steven Schedler, LCSW, CAADC, CCS, Executive
Michael Shook, MA, LPC, Therapist
Lynn Sommer, MEd, LPC, Therapist
Wendy Stivers, MA, LPC, Therapist
Samantha VanBuskirk, LSW, Therapist
2022 Program Staff
Jimmy Elsner, Operations Manager
Sarah Fry, TeenHope Data & Records
Bethany Lockerman, LPC, TeenHope Screening
Valerie Minnich, PhD, LPC, NCC, CAADC, TeenHope
Clinical Director/Director
David Miron, CCC Coordinator and Consultant
Jyll Singh, TeenHope Program Specialist
Scott Snyder, Director of Consulting
2022 Administrative Staff
Kristine Campion, Administrative Manager
Bethany Georgia, Communications/Marketing
Anita Hanna, Director of Development
Nicole Hoshour, Finance Manager
Belinda LeFever, Client Service Coordinator/Financial
Stefanie Martin, Development Assistant
Michelle Martinez, Client Service Coordinator

2022 Annual Impact Report

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