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Career Path

IN DECEMBER 2020, I had the pleasure of
hosting the SAE Student Chat on Member
Connection. Thanks to many honest answers to
the starter questions, I learned a common theme
that plagues many students.
First, I recommend you watch the SAE Webex
recordings of my live presentation. I spoke to the
idea that sometimes we make matters worse
than necessary (COVID or not), simply due to our
Second, many students struggle when
anticipating the future: " will employers hire me,
will employers hire at all, what if I can't find work
in my industry, etc. "
As a follow-up to this struggle, I'm offering a
different perspective on your future. In fact, I'm
offering up some good news, despite your
employment status!

Sometimes, people expect what seem like
reasonable outcomes from their careers. But,
when careers fail to meet expectations, people
become disappointed with their majors or
career paths. This can lead to job hopping,
feeling stuck, dwelling in regret, or worse.
Contrary to what most people believe, a job's
purpose is not to provide you with:

A great salary
Impeccable benefits
Networking opportunities
Validation of your degree
A cushy retirement
Promotions and accolades
Lifelong happiness

" What? " you might shout!
Yes, that is correct. You see, the above list of
features are simply byproducts of a career. They
include some results you might obtain after
contributing your fair share of work.
Let's get one thing clear so you don't painfully
dwell on your employer's generosity. It is not
your employer's responsibility to provide all
these features to you. They are only obligated to
compensate you (on their own terms) in
exchange for your productivity.

24 February 2021

It is true we work to earn the features listed above. However, if features
constitute your career goal, you are missing the whole point; features are
not the purpose of your career.
The purpose of your career is:
*	 Service: contribution toward something greater than you as an
individual ... because it feels amazing to serve a bigger purpose
*	 Development: evolve your skills, enhance your character, and progress
your brain by defeating obstacles and challenges
*	 Legacy: manipulate your authenticity, maximize your output, and
impact a position such that you leave it in better shape than how you
found it
There is something magical about showing up, serving in an authentic
manner, and performing your best despite surrounding circumstances.
And the best news of all? You don't have to secure a career in order to
fulfill the purposes listed above. You can achieve all three items outside of
the workplace. With some creative thinking, you will find multiple ways to
accomplish these items whether you are employed, searching, or taking time
Why is that the best news of all ... because, you don't have to be
dependent on an employer to evolve yourself and thrive as a person.
Evolving and thriving is, after all, our purpose in life - careers are simply one
of many mechanisms in which to accomplish this.
" It is not your job's job to make you happy; that responsibility is your
own. " n
Gina Covarrubias, an Engineering Life Coach, holds a B.S. in
aeronautical and astronautical engineering (Purdue University), an
M.S. in mechanical engineering (University of Utah), and a Life Coach
certification (The Life Coach School). Her distinctive background
blends life coaching expertise with 12+ years engineering/technology
experience in the government, academic, and corporate
environments, all within aerospace. As an Engineering Life Coach,
Gina's mission at is to help STEM professionals
evaluate their careers in the context of their lives. When a
discouraging career has you questioning previous life choices with an
unknown future, Gina helps you reboot your professional journey to
align with personal goals.


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