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snow, it topped out at 22 mph. The 979-pound Clarkson Diesel
Sled roared with its straight-piped exhaust, but required a
significant amount of tuning to optimize shift profiles on the
CVT clutches, which were not attaining anywhere near full shift
during the first ride. With the help and support of TEAM
Industries' professional staff and a month of tuning and
testing, the snowmobile was able to achieve speeds up to 45
mph downhill or 40 mph on groomed trail. Despite optimized
tuning, the team discovered the 37-hp engine did not have the
power to achieve and maintain full shift in the CVT system.
Future team projects will seek to solve this issue through
weight optimization, electronic governor control, and a
The other significant aspect that testing focused on was
emissions. The emissions design incorporated a diesel
oxidation catalyst and diesel particulate filter meant for a 2.5-L
Volvo diesel engine. System design focused on holding as
much heat as possible in the system to optimize oxidation
reactions in the catalyst. Testing on campus utilized a Landand-Sea dynamometer and Snap-On five gas analyzer, from
which the raw data was imported to MATLAB and converted
to an e-score. The e-score is based on weighted pollutant
values of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrous oxides
that escape the tailpipe. The maximum possible score is 210,
and our in-house testing produced scores consistently ranging
between 207 and 209 for a discrete five mode testing cycle
(EPA standard). Following this testing, emissions no longer
caused much anxiety for the team.
After just over a month of testing and about 150 miles on the
Clarkson Diesel Sled, the team loaded the trailer and hopped in
the truck to head to the competition 18 hours away in
Houghton, Mich. My fourth time making this trip from Clarkson
University, this was the one I was most excited for.

As all of you are aware, March 2020 was when the world shut
down. Fortunately for my team and our years of hard work,
the 2020 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge was conducted.

Sample CVT tuning data that shows the engine running out of power prior
to reaching full shift
Following a few minor issues in the initial technical inspection,
the team passed easily before the end of the morning hours
on Monday, March 9th. This was the kickoff to a strong showing
by Clarkson's team, completing all events and breaking a few
competition records along the way.
On top of first place overall, and awards for best design
(first time received in Clarkson's history), best lab emissions,
and lowest in-service emissions, the team achieved the highest
point total in Diesel Class history at 1107 of a possible 1500
points. More impressively, there are normally 1600 points up
for grabs, but cancellation of the acceleration event removed
100 points from the equation. Additionally, the team achieved
the highest Diesel Class e-score in competition history at
207.11, of the maximum theoretical 210-just as predicted.
Finally, some additional specifications for the 2020
Clarkson Diesel Snowmobile: If produced as a production
snowmobile, it would have an MSRP of $14,130, a fuel mileage
of 33 mpg, and an 800-pound linear pulling capacity.
Although 14k is a lot of cash to spill on a 979-pound beast that
tops out at 40 mph, remember, it is only the first year of this
project. The team left behind will have four more years with
the 2020 Polaris Titan Adventure chassis to modify, optimize,
and improve the system. I strongly believe that the rest of
2020's seniors and I have done well to train our
underclassmen. We left them a long list of ideas for
improvement to the design for the next few years, and I look
forward to seeing what they are able to accomplish with our
design. n
Shawn Schneider, co-president of the Clarkson University
Diesel Sled team along with Aidan Stair in 2019-2020,
wrote this article for MOMENTUM. He has since graduated
from Clarkson University with a bachelor's degree in
mechanical engineering.

Team members make a few final preparations to the snowmobile following
the first technical inspection.

6 February 2021



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