SAE Update - May 2022 - 28

MI, General Motors. Dvlp &deploy Vehicle Motion Embedded
Controls SW thu Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) to meet
safety &environmental standards &reqmts incldg U.S. FMVSS,
U.S. EPA, U.S. DoT, UNECE &China Guobiao standards. Work
w/ Electrified Powertrain Controls &SW Team to dvlp low level
reqmts for SW algorithms related to High Voltage (HV) Contactor
Actuation Control Mechanisms, &Vehicle Energy Transfer, AC
Charging, HV DC Fast Charging, HV Driver Safety, Driver Info,
Battery Safety, Electrical Propulsion/ Isolation Monitoring Systems,
&electrical systems failure diagnostics &remedial action features
in Embedded C Code, using Visual Studio Code, Notepad ++
text &source code editor SW. Analyze high level reqmts for SW
cmpts in Electrification areas incldg HV Contactor Actuation
Control, HV Safety, Auxiliary Power Moding, Battery Charging
Control, Battery Thermal Mgmt, Low Voltage Mgmt, &Thermal
Coordination Arbitration, using IBM DOORS. Bachelor, Electrical,
Telecommunications, Electronics Engrg, or related. 24 mos exp as
Engineer, dvlpg or deploying powertrain or propulsion controls SW
through SDLC to meet safety &environmental standards &reqmts
incldg U.S. FMVSS, U.S. EPA, & U.S. DoT for gasoline powered
Internal Combustion Engine vehicles or electrified psgr vehicles,
or related. Mail resume to Ref#2915-201, GM Global Mobility, 300
Renaissance Center, MC:482-C32-C66, Detroit, MI 48265.
Motors. Research, dvlp, &improve high performance, accurate
online cameras to inertial measurement unit (IMU) &IMU to center
of gravity of vehicle alignment algorithm calibrations, using
real-time camera images &IMU data perform calibrations w/ no
predefined target input. Research, apply &integrate enhanced
embedded perception applications in conventional, hybrid, BEV,
autonomous vehicle (AV) Advanced Driver Assistance hands-free
driving &autonomous Super &UltraCruise features (enhanced
Levels 2/3 autonomous driving sys) for commercial &fleet vehicles.
Investigate algorithms &implement SW packages to help vehicle
navigate thu sensor data &sensor alignment functions, utilizing
sensors such as camera, IMU, RADAR, &LIDAR. Research &improve
computer vision techniques incldg optical flow, Perspective-nPoint,
triangulation, &structure from motion to detect &track
features captured by fisheye &pinhole cameras. Research &dvlp
real-time simultaneous localization &mapping method through
visual-inertial sys to calculate local pose change of vehicle, improve
nonlinear global optimization method w/ sliding-window based
optimization using Ceres solver. Ph.D., Electrical, Computer, or
Quantum Engrg, or related. 6 mos exp as Engineer, Research
Assistant, or related, researching &dvlpg framework to guide AV
navigation thru sensor data incldg camera, IMU, RADAR &LIDAR,
&sensor alignment function, or related. Mail resume to Ref#111,
GM Global Mobility, 300 Renaissance Center, MC:482-C32-C66,
Detroit, MI 48265.
PrODUCT rELEASE ENGiNEEr-briGHTDrOP ENGiNEEriNG, Warren, MI, General Motors. Engr, dvlp &release Rapid Load Mechanism
(RLM) for EV600 vehicle, using Tc, Vismockup, &Engineering Change Management (ECM) tools. Author Statements of Reqmts for sourcing
programs w/ suppliers. Create, dvlp, &maintain DFMEA, &DRBFM. Create Installation Instruction Sheets. Evaluate &approve product qlty,
GD&T, gauge &fixture designs &builds. Perform &assure Vehicle Program Initiation to Start of Regular Production. Dvlp technical specs
&best practices for new accessories. Define RLM performance according to Component Technical (CTS), Subsystem Technical, &Vehicle
Technical (VTS) specifications &certification compliance w/ US, EUR, Asia, Middle East &Latin America regs defined by FMVSS, UNECE,
NCAP, EuroNCAP, LatinNCAP, &ChinaNCAP crash &durability standards, &IIHS ratings. Follow up &approve EWOs using E2 &ECM tools.
Support Tryout &Production Trial Runs. Bachelor, Mechanical, Automotive Engrg, or related. 6 mos exp as Engineer, engrg or releasing
psgr vehicle cmpt, using E2 or ECM tool, &defining cmpt or accessory performance according to CTS, VTS &certification compliance
w/ regulations defined by FMVSS, UN ECE, NCAP crash &durability standards, &IIHS ratings, or related. Mail resume to Ref#2845, GM
Global Mobility, 300 Renaissance Center, MC:482-C32-C66, Detroit, MI 48265.
28 May 2022

SAE Update - May 2022

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