SAE Update - May 2022 - 29

ACQUiSiTiON &TOOLS, Milford, MI, General Motors. Manage
&lead VIP SIT Data Acquisition &Tools to ensure right tools are
available at right time for SW integration, calibration &diagnostics.
Manage, lead &assure timely provision of technical guidance to
Scrum Teams. Lead &work on dvlpmt of On-Board Diagnostics
(OBD) data loggers, Automated Vehicle State Sequencer tool,
&data anlys tools, &write test scripts for upcoming conventional
ICE, HEV &BEV psgr vehicles. Manage &lead VIP SIT team to
support execution of VIP CAN architectures testing new SW
changes &performing validation testing. Guide/lead team to
support logging, testing, troubleshooting, &root causing of DTCs in
psgr vehicle when controls wake up &before vehicle starts moving.
Manage/mentor team of 12 automotive engrs &dvlprs. Work w/
data logging team to maintain &dvlp in house data loggers. Lead
VIP SIT team to manage all vehicle data recorders &commissioning
them in Engrg &Captured Test Fleet. Work on dvlpg in house data
logger. Lead VIP SIT team in dvlpg unique data acquisition tools
for recording parasitic loss, plant audit tools, &Automated Vehicle
State Sequencer tool. Master, Mechanical, Automotive, Electrical
Engrg, or related. 24 mos exp as Engineer or Developer, dvlpg
&implementing calibration solutions &performing diagnostic
verification testing, &ensuring integration of OBD sys to meet
performance &compliance specs w/ subcmpnnts &syss at vehicle
level, or related. Mail resume to Ref#4240, GM Global Mobility, 300
Renaissance Center, MC:482-C32-C66, Detroit, MI 48265.
bUSiNESS ANALyST, Ricardo, Inc., Van Buren Twp, MI. Design,
analyze, implement technical &operational strategies for dvlpmt
&adoption of new technologies for conventional ICE &BEV psgr
vehicles, commercial vehicles &motorcycles, using Siemens NX
(Unigraphics), HyperMesh, MATLAB, &VBA tools. Perform technoeconomic
analyses for mfg &production strategies for low volume,
technically complex vehicle syss using bottom-up cost modeling,
engrg design cost optimization, non-linear programming
techniques for full vehicles, subsyss, powertrain &propulsion syss
cmpts incldg cylinder heads, blocks, hydraulic solenoid valve
bodies, battery packs, brake pads &calipers, &e-turbochargers.
Dvlp &execute FEA strategies for vehicle &powertrain syss such
as cranktrain, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, brake calipers
using NX (UG), HyperMesh, ANSA, LS-DYNA, &OptiStruct tools
for structural performance, durability &safety evaluations. Dvlp
&evaluate optimal product strategies for powertrain/propulsion
syss using evaluation of engrg design modularity, geometric
overlap anlys, testing &validation plans. Master, Mechanical,
Industrial &Operations, or Automotive Engrg, or related. 12 mos exp
as Engr, dvlpg or analyzing full vehicle FEA models of psgr vehicle
for full vehicle structural performance, crash &safety evaluations
using Unigraphics, HyperMesh, LS-DYNA, &OptiStruct tools, or
related. Mail resume to Ref#35996-311, Human Resources, Ricardo,
Inc., 40000 Ricardo Dr., Van Buren Twp, MI 48111.
CALibrATiON SPECiALiST-GLObAL AUTOMATED DriVE CENTEr, Milford, MI, General Motors. Engr, dvlp &release conventional,
BEV &AV psgr vehicle embedded SW &SW calibrations for Active Safety (AS) &autonomous features including Adaptive Cruise Control
(ACC), Super Cruise, Lane Keep Assist, Collision Imminent Braking (CIB), Forward Collision Alert, Park Assist, Rear Virtual Bumper
(RVB), Driver Monitoring System (DMS) &Capacitive Touch Steering w/ LED in C &Pytho,, utilizing CAN, LIN, Automotive Ethernet,
CAN FD, &FlexRay protocols, using ETAS INCA, Creta, DPS, VehicleSpy, MATLAB, &Simulink tools. Engr &calibrate HMI &vehicle level
communications. Integrate &validate HMI HW &SW features incldg Driver Monitoring System, Safety Alert Seat, chimes &IP Cluster w/
AS &AV features &ensure sys performance adherence to U.S. &global market reqmts. Master, Electrical, Computer Engrg, or related. 12
mos exp as Engineer, Calibration Specialist, Business Systems Analyst, Tech Lead, or related, dvlpg or releasing psgr vehicle embedded
SW for AS &autonomous features incldg ACC, CIB, RVB, &DMS, in C &Python, using INCA, VehicleSpy, &MATLAB tools, or related. Mail
resume to Ref#30755, GM Global Mobility, 300 Renaissance Center, MC:482-C32-C66, Detroit, MI 48265.
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SAE Update - May 2022

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