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Award-winning books abound at SAE
Acoustic Materials: Solving the
Challenge of Vehicle Noise is the
third " editorial excellence " award
so far this year for SAE Books.
Pranab Saha, Ph.D., received
the gold medal in the 34th
annual IBPA Benjamin Franklin
Award™ program's Professional
Reference category. Celebrating
excellence in book editorial and
design, the IBPA Benjamin
Franklin Awards™ are
administered by the Independent
Book Publishers Association
(IBPA) - the largest book
publishers association in the US
with over 4,000 members.
His book represents over 40
Acoustical Materials: Solving
the Challenge of Vehicle Noise
Pranab Saha
What is acoustics? What is noise? How is sound measured? How can
the vehicle noise be reduced using sound package treatments?
Pranab Saha answers these and more in Acoustical Materials.
Acoustics is the science of sound, including its generation, propagation,
and effect. Although the propulsion sources of internal combustion
engine (ICE) vehicles and electric motor-powered vehicles (EV) are
different and therefore their propulsion noises are different, both types
of vehicles have shared noise concerns:
* Tire and road noise
* Wind noise
Vehicle noise and vibration
i ssues have been there
almost from the inception of
vehicle manufacturing. The
noise problem in a vehicle is
very severe and is difficult to
solve only by modifying the
sources of noise and vibration.
Sound package treatments
address the noise and vibration
issues along the path to reduce in-cabin noise. In Acoustical Materials,
readers will grasp the science of reducing sound and vibration using
sound absorbers, sound barriers, and vibration dampers
Sound provides information on the proper operation of the vehicle,
but if unchecked, can detract from the consumer experience within
the vehicle and create noise pollution outside the vehicle. Acoustical
Materials provides essential information on the basics of sound,
vehicle noise source, how these are measured, how vehicle owners
perceive sound, and ultimately, how to solve noise problems in
vehicles using sound package materials.
This book represents
the culmination of Dr.
Saha's over 40 years of
experience within the
automotive industry.
Jack K. Mowry
Editor and Publisher of Sound
and Vibration magazine, Retired
SAE International Journal of
Vehicle Dynamics, Stability,
and NVH
Editor-in-Chief: Peijun Xu, Ph.D.,
Ebco, Inc., USA
Noise, Vibration and Harshness of
Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
Authors: Lijun Zhang,
Dejian Meng, Gang Chen
Product Code: R-481
ISBN: 978-0-7680-9964-5
Acoustical Materials:
Solving the Challenge
of Vehicle Noise
ISBN: 978-0-7680-8084-1
SAE Fellow Pranab Saha, Ph.D.
Pranab Saha
years of experience by Pranab
Saha, a world-recognized
authority on automotive noise,
body interior systems, and sound
package materials. As a lifelong
contributor to SAE International,
Saha received the 2021 SAE
International Medal of Honor as
well as the 2021 SAE International
Ralph K. Hillquist NVH Lifetime
Achievement Award. He also is an
SAE Fellow (2017).
" I am very excited about
receiving the Benjamin Franklin
Award, " Pranab told Update.
" This is incredible! The book was
30 July 2022
labor of love, and it is what I want as my legacy. The
book itself is my award and without Sherry's Nigam's
help it would have never happened. I sincerely hope
the book will find its own place in the acoustics world
and that present and future acoustics engineers will
be able to use it to develop better products.
I never dreamed of receiving any award for the
book, neither did I know that the Benjamin Franklin
award exists. So, for me, this award is the icing on top
of the cake. I am very happy for the recognition, but
this is really a Team Effort! Sherry Nigam worked with
me throughout the whole process and her help was
essential. Thank you, Sherry!
Said Nigam: " It's always a privilege when someone
trusts me to help them turn their life's work into a book.
Pranab and I spent almost five years discussing and
working on this book. His vision and passion inspired
everyone involved in making his dream a reality. The
Benjamin Franklin Award is a particularly important
honor to me personally because the recognition comes
from my publishing peers for Editorial Excellence. I'm
proud to say we've won three Benjamin Franklin
Awards since I joined SAE but this is our first gold! " n
Acoustical Materials: Solving the Challenge of Vehicle Noise | Saha
Cover photo courtesy of General Motors.

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