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Food Innovations that Entice, not Exclude
Explore creative prepared food
concepts to meet the dietary
needs of vegans, vegetarians
and flexitarians.
he American Heart Association defines
" plant-forward " as a style of cooking
and eating that emphasizes plantbased
foods but is not strictly limited to them.1
Also known as a flexitarian diet, plant-forward
prepared foods often include dairy and eggs for
functionality, nutrition and taste appeal. Meat
may be added, but it's not the star attraction.
The focus is on the plant component, with an
emphasis on plants that deliver protein. This
includes grains, legumes and seeds.
The flexitarian diet is a play on two
words-flexible and vegetarian-with its
principles aligning with the recommendations
in the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for
More than one out of three (36%) consumers
identified themselves as being flexitarian in
a national online survey by Packaged Facts,
Rockville, Md.2
Only 3% chose vegan or
pescatarian, while 5% said they were
The majority of respondents
(53%) identified as being primarily
omnivorous; however, industry analysts
project that with the proliferation of
solutions to power
your products
and Beans 9
2 Packaged Facts, August 2020 national online consumer
survey, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Flexitarian Consumers
3 Boston Consulting Group and Blue Horizon Corporation,
Food for Thought, The Protein Transformation Report, 2021
Bakery, Pasta, Side Dishes,
Snacks, Egg Replacers, Meat
Analogs, Dairy Analogs
Nutritional Highlights
Excellent source of folate.
Good source of fiber and thiamine.
Typical Protein
Content (g/100g)
more and varied high-quality plant-forward
prepared foods, meat eaters may decide to be
more flexitarian.2
In fact, it is expected that
alternative proteins will account for 11% of the
total protein market in 2035.3
Ardent Mills' expansive portfolio of plantbased
ingredients can help you create greattasting,
plant-forward products both you and
your customers feel good about. Learn more
about powering your foods and beverages with
plant proteins.

Plant-Forward - Ardent Mills

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