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Prepared food to
Pulses and Beans 9
onsumer demand for plant-based protein
is fueled by an interest in health, unique
flavors and sustainable choices, as well as
the desire to enhance human and animal welfare.4
While the demand is there, most consumers are not
educated on the fact that all plant proteins are not
created equal.
Complete proteins contain all nine essential amino
Bakery, Pasta, Side Dishes,
Snacks, Egg Replacers, Meat
Analogs, Dairy Analogs
Lentils (Green
and Red)
acids in the ratio the body requires. Protein quality
is another differentiator and this term refers to
the digestibility and quantity of essential amino
acids. Quality is based on the concentration of its
first limiting essential amino acid. This is calculated
through a measurement known as the protein
digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS).
Animal proteins are complete and have a PDCAAS
Fava Beans
Bakery, Pasta, Side
Dishes, Snacks
Whole Grains and Seeds 9
Side Dishes, Salads,
Meat Analogs, Bakery,
Pasta, Snacks
Side Dishes, Snacks, Bakery
Bakery, Side Dishes, Snacks,
Alcoholic Drinks, Pasta
Bakery, Side Dishes,
Snacks (popping), Pasta
Bakery, Side Dishes,
Snacks (popping), Pasta
Bakery, Snacks, Pasta
Bakery, Pasta, Meat Analogs,
Side Dishes, Snacks
solutions to power
your products
Nutritional Highlights
kickstart the day
Formulate with complete plant proteins
Excellent source of folate.
Good source of fiber and thiamine.
Good source of fiber. Low in fat.
High in folate (folic acid); good source of iron.
Nutritional Highlights
Excellent source of folate. Good source of
fiber, thiamine, riboflavin, iron.
of 1.0. Most plant proteins are not complete,
and therefore, they have lower PDCAAS. This is
important when making protein content claims, as
PDCAAS are factored into determining the percent
of the Daily Value (DV) of protein a food provides.5
If a food contains 10% to 19% of the DV, it may be
labeled a " good source " of a nutrient. More than
20% DV makes it an " excellent source. " In general,
it takes more (incomplete) plant protein to make a
content claim then it does animal protein. But there
are exceptions. Quinoa is one. Quinoa is a complete
protein, making it attractive for use in proteincentric
products to help you make a consumerappealing
content claim.6
The pandemic gave consumers a newfound
" Good " or " excellent " source of
protein claims refer to the amount
of complete protein in the product.
This is 5 grams or 10 grams per
serving for each respective claim. "
Naturally occurring source of omega-3 fatty acids;
high in fiber.
Good source of fiber, thiamine, niacin.
Typical Protein
Content (g/100g)
Typical Protein
Content (g/100g)
Good source of fiber, riboflavin, niacin.
Good source of fiber and iron.
appreciation for breakfast. Many welcome the
opportunity to try new items to bring variety to the
morning meal. And, complete proteins make sense for
this daypart, as they function as a positive nutrition
kickstart to the day. Culinary professionals have
taken note.
The Blue Food Company, Chicago, features chia
Good source of iron. Excellent source of fiber; 12g of soluble fiber.
* Protein digestibility varies by food type. FoodData Central, USDA. 2021. Available on
9 These are considered raw agricultural commodities and are not ready-to-eat and must be thoroughly
cooked before eating to prevent illness from bacteria. Do not eat or play with raw grains. Wash
hands, utensils, and surfaces after handling.
Most offerings are available in organic.
All pulse, legume, grain, and seed offerings
are kosher certified and non-GMO.
seeds soaked in coconut and almond milk to
make its breakfast parfait. This concept readily
translates to retail products and can be made
with dairy or plant-based milk.
Seeds are on the menu at New York City's
Thyme and Tonic, a gastropub that is 100%
gluten-free and primarily vegan. Its Aussie
bowl starts with a brown rice and quinoa mix
and includes an optional poached egg along
with mushroom sausage, avocado, pickled
beets and coconut braised kale. The garnish
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