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of a spicy seed mix adds extra plant protein. Thyme
and Tonic also offers buckwheat pancakes topped
with fresh bananas and maple date syrup.
The Whale Chicago offers a red quinoa bowl for
its weekend brunch. The quinoa is topped with
arugula, country pork sausage, avocado, feta and
walnuts tossed in a lime vinaigrette and finished
with a fried egg.
Bowls are one of the top-three breakfast trends
for 2022, according to The National Restaurant
Association's What's Hot Culinary Forecast. The
others are nontraditional proteins and plant-based
sandwiches. Because what starts out in foodservice
soon translates into packaged prepared foods,
product developers should take note. Singleserve
frozen bowl meals are an ideal format for
the addition of complete plant proteins. Uncooked
quinoa, for example, contains 12% DV of protein per
RACC and 11% DV of fiber per RACC.7
Quinoa is a Superfood
Quinoa is the common name for
Chenopodium quinoa, a grain crop grown
for its edible seeds. When prepared, quinoa
has application in an array of foods. It is
considered an ancient grain, a term applied
to grains that have not been hybridized or
This small, light-colored, round gluten-free
grain has an unmistakably nutty, earthy flavor.
Its versatility and complete protein profile
have made it a popular grain among chefs
and food formulators.
Though it is indigenous to South America,
where the Incas praised it as the " mother of
all grains, " Ardent MillsĀ® offers both South
American Quinoa and North Americangrown
quinoa, which includes identity
preserved varieties that are traceable to the
source. Ardent Mills offers various formats,
including whole seed, flour, crisps and flakes,
as well as customized multi-grain blends and
bakery and pizza crust mixes.
Snack bars are the number-one application,
but more cereals, snacks, side dishes, entrees
and bowl meals have started featuring
quinoa. Innovative applications include pasta,
flatbreads and even sweet treats like cakes
and cookies. Quinoa is easy to work with and
can assist with boosting the nutrition of all
types of foods.
4 Plant Based World Expo North America, Dec. 9-10, 2021
5 21 CFR 101.9(c)(7)(ii)
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Plant-Forward - Ardent Mills

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