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Fava beans have a nutty, buttery taste
with a uniquely smooth, creamy texture.
They can be used in most recipes made
with whole legumes, everything from chili
to soup. They can also be ground like
chickpeas and used to made dips and
sandwich spreads. Fava beans are great by
themselves as a side, much like their close
relative, the green pea.
or with chickpeas or rice, serve as an authentic
base for a Mediterranean-inspired side dishes.
Cereal, salad and yogurt toppers present an
opportunity to blend whole plant proteins with
flavors, seasonings and even dried fruit, inviting
consumers to customize their eating experiences.
And chickpeas are everywhere. Product
descriptions are paramount to invite consumers to
try something new.
" It's very important to be careful and transparent
with labeling, " says Benjamin Davis, vice president
of content, Plant Based World Conference & Expo.
" 'Plant-forward' is a broad, loosely defined term
that is unlikely to upset anyone. However, terms like
'plant-based' and 'vegan' imply zero trace of animal
products and may cause backlash to your brand if
used improperly. " 4
The Mighty Chickpea
Chickpeas' heritage spans centuries, with
seed cultivation dating back to the Middle
East and spreading across the continents.
Today, this ingredient's demand continues to
grow, appealing to a wide range of customers
for its flavor, nutrition and versatility
in several cuisines. Chickpeas' culinary
applications continue to inspire chefs, both
in traditional applications as well as through
contemporary dietary interests, like vegan
and plant-based foods.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports
raw chickpeas as being about 20g/100g
This, however, is incomplete protein,
" Plant-forward is used to describe cuisine
that focuses more on plant-based
ingredients than animal-based ones.
It's a great step-in-the-right-direction
for both health and sustainability and
caters well to a flexitarian audience. " 4
Benjamin Davis
Vice President of Content
Plant Based World Conference & Expo
with limiting amino acids varying by varietal.
That's why chickpeas are often paired with
a complementary protein, such as whole grain
pita or rice, which makes it complete. Part of
this legume's appeal is that it is a good source
of thiamin and an excellent source of folate. It
also has a bland to neutral flavor compared to
other legumes, making it versatile to many food
Chickpea flour is a common ingredient in
gluten-free pasta and salty snacks. When
ground, it's the base for hummus and can also
be blended with soft cheeses. Whole chickpeas
may get popped and seasoned or added with
beans to chili and soup.

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