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Other highlights of
the OptiServ 340
* Intuitive, icon-based
operator interface, making
operation user-friendly for
multi-lingual workforces
* Minimal replacement and
wear parts to increase
value and uptime while
lowering cost of ownership
* Various styles of
product guides to match
processors' application
* Nearly silent operation
* Wireless communication

From the field
A veteran of the meat and
poultry processing industry,
Doug Vogelsmeier, product
manager at Marlen , said
the company's OptiServ
340 represents the next
generation of engineering
designed to meet the need
of today's processors. He
said Marlen customers

and processors in general are more sophisticated in
their understanding of product engineering and their
expectations have evolved. The use of hydraulics in
processing equipment has not been a glaring issue in the
past, he said, but in recent years, processors have become
interested in alternatives based on concerns about worker
safety and food safety. Servo technology addressed those
"Although many items in a processing facility still
require the use of hydraulics, the trend we see is a search
for alternative methods to accomplish the same task,"
Vogelsmeier said. "We wanted to do our part to provide a
solid solution"
That same effort to listen to customers is evident in the
new OptiServ's operator-friendly, multi-lingual, icon-based
user interface. Other engineering enhancements also reflect
processors' feedback.
"They continue to ask for improvements to water-tight
enclosures, hygienic designs, and other design elements to
comply with green initiatives that we feel are addressed with
this model," Vogelsmeier said.
Piston based systems are hardly new to Marlen, having
utilized the technology in stuffing and pumping systems
for more than 60 years. Vogelsmeier said one of the most
significant benefits of piston-driven systems, even before
the rollout of the OptiServ 340, has been preserving the
integrity of deli products, especially premium meats.
"Manufacturing a piston-driven pump, we have always
provided product quality that a vane or screw
style pump simply isn't capable of," he said.
This has not changed with the new model.
Our pistons act like a large syringe that
gently draw up to 25 lbs of product
with each stroke. Comparable results
could only be achieved with actual
hand placement of the muscles."

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Marlen - Exceeding Expectations - August 2020

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